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I hope everyone is warm and comfortable today – it is quite cold, and very much full of snow here in Nashua – in fact just started snowing again!  Glad I am heading to California tomorrow as it will be warm and I am looking forward to that.  A nice week at DG HQ in Nashua working with engineering and in the lab which is always fun.  I am starting to work with PernixData and that is a lot of fun.  You will see a number of article on that in the next while.  In fact while getting started with it I ran into an odd issue that I fixed and described in this.

BTW, I am checking out a new cloud application to help you with your virtual infrastructure named Opvizor.  See here for my first article on it and here is a tag that will show you all of the articles on the subject.  Here is another article that looks at Opvizor.

So as always a nice collection of things and I hope everyone finds something interesting!

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vSphere 6.0 Storage Features Part 5: Virtual Volumes
This is the best breakdown of VVols I have seen – great job Cormac.  I am someone who is really looking forward to VVols as I am not a real storage guy.  I think storage really should be so much easier then it is.  TrinTri, and my own company are great examples of how storage can be easier.  But VVols will help all storage companies to provide an opportunity for making things easier for admins.  I am not sure how quick that VVols will become ‘normal’ for storage providers.  We will see.

vSphere 6 Web Client
A short blog about how improved the vSphere 6 Web Client is.  Some numbers even about how much faster it is.  Which is nice to hear!  So something to look forward too!  Not much longer until you will be able to use this new version.  There is a link in the article to a wiki that has a collection of hints about working in the vSphere Web Client.  There is one suggestion in that list about increasing your Flash storage and that is very worthwhile for vSphere Web Client faster operation in 5.5.

Memory Deep Dive series
Frank has done a very nice series on memory and and it is pretty interesting.  Find the start of the series here.

Say Hello to vMotion-compatible Shared-Disks Windows Clustering on vSphere
This is quite a big deal – you will be able to vMotion VMs in a Windows Cluster and do so fully supported.  Deji describes it in this article.  Very good news!  Deji is a professional services guy who writes up how to do important things in the Microsoft world.  Cool dude and he test very carefully before he writes!

NTP service does not restart automatically on ESXi host running in EVO:Rail
This is an important issue and it is easy to fix – once you know about it.  Find out more here.

Ultimate automation guide to deploying vCSA 6.0 Part 1: Embedded Node
This is another one of William’s fascinating articles about automated deployment of vCSA.  Extra options for vCSA 6.  Interesting options!  This is article 1, there was an article 0 as well, and there will be more too.

How to customize the new vSphere 6.0 Web Client login UI?
This is a very cool – you can change the vSphere 6 Web Client login screen to what you want it to be.  Learn more, and see some cool examples here.  BTW, if you do this, please make sure to share what you did here.

VMware VSAN All-Flash Configuration Utility
When I heard about how VSAN would support an all flash solution I was curious about how that would work.  vSphere can tell SSD from HD but how will it tell expensive SSD from less expensive SSD.  This is import as expensive SSD should be used for the cache layer, and less expensive SSD used as the storage layer.  Since VSAN will see only SSD so it could get interesting.  Then I saw this article by Brian Graf about a utility that will solve this issue.  This very nice utility will help as it will tag SSDs as capacity so make things quick and easy.  Pretty cool!

Maximizing the Use of VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon
This guide does not explain how to install or configure the vR Ops for View adapter but it does really show you what you should get out of it.  Learn more about this here.  A good intro really.

How to Get In-Guest Metrics in vRealize Operations for Horizon 6
A nice article by Jim about using the View MP for vR Ops.  Good info to help you get going with the tool and I like how it gives some ideas for troubleshooting.

vRealize Operations Manager for Horizon 6.0 View Adapter instance is in a Failed Collection state
If you use this management pack – and if you have vR Ops, and View, then you really should be using this MP, then check out this KB article in case it ever happens to you.

Upgrading View with Zero downtime
This is very good to know.  Did you know you can upgrade your View infrastructure without an outage?  Find out more and how here.

Update VMware Tools and Hardware with vRealize Orchestrator
This is a pretty handy workflow to update tools and hardware so if you are a vRO it will be quite helpful.

How to: Fix a broken VMware Data Protection (VDP) appliance
This article is about how the author found his VDP after a power outage with corrupt Linux and not able to boot.  A reminder that every virtualization host should have a UPS!

Oracle Licensing on VMware Webinar
If you want to learn more about this you can check this out.  Not sure how technical or what kind of info will be covered.

Veeam Backup Repository on CentOS 7
I currently use Veeam and host my repository on Windows.  I think being able to do that on CentOS is pretty cool and of course that means no license cost!  Check out the info here.  I will do this myself once my Windows hosted repository is filled.

VMware Fusion 7.1.1 now GA
This is a bug fix release and there are quite a few fixes in it.  Release notes here and bits here.

VMware Workstation 11.1.0
This article is about the newest version of Workstation.

So you want to be a VCDX?
This is an interesting series if you want to learn more to help you to be a VCDX.  Here is part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5.  Likely there will be more issues too.

Warning – Microsoft Outlook app for iOS breaks your company security
I have heard lots of good things about this app from Microsoft.  It is called Outlook but it is in fact a third-party app that MS bought.  While it is pretty good you do need to understand how it impacts your security profile.  Check out this article.

Soapbox – Vaccines do not cause Autism
I am surprised and disappointed that so many people – 1 in 5 in my home province believe that vaccines cause autism.  There is no science to support this, and there is lots of science to prove it is not true and yet people refuse to vaccinate their kids due to this strange belief.  That is why we are starting to see more kids with diseases that we shouldn’t see.  Here is a fascinating infographic on this situation.

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