Newsletter: Feb 7, 2015 – Want to learn more about vSphere 6?

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Not sure where I was the other day when the embargo lifted on vSphere 6 lifted.  But twitter and email traffic peaked significantly.  But the first couple of things I looked at were not completely correct.  There were changes between beta / RC and the almost GA product and so there were issues in some of the articles.  But the list of articles I will share below are the important ones and to the very best of my knowledge are good.

So happy reading!

Update: Here is an article to remember that talks a little about clarifying things up and where the confusion came from in the articles that I have NOT pointed you at.


vSphere 6.0 finally announced – a pretty nice list of features!  Here is another one with a little more info.  Here is another with a little more info.

What is new for vMotion in vSphere 6.0 – I agree with Duncan that vMotion is one of my favorite features! More info on these new updates can be found here.

vSphere APIs for IO Filtering – this is very big news and Ken does an amazing job of breaking it down.  I can think of a number of exciting uses for this feature.

Top 6 features of vSphere 6 – I believe his number 4 will not be in GA but the rest of it is pretty good!

vSphere Web Client: Still Flash but vastly better User Experience – a very nice intro to the nicely updated Web Client (but the comment about Suppress is mistaken as it is in 5.5 too).

VMware Virtual SAN 6.0 – Rawlinson has a very nice article on this amazing feature.  Here is a technical white paper (TWP) on the subject.  If you are interested, here is Chuck’s thoughts on this new update.

vSphere 6.0 – vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) – I am always interested in what Michael writes about and I happen to really be a big fan of the VCSA so it was good to read this.  And yes, it is hard to believe how the ball has been dropped on VUM.  I hope I don’t get into trouble for saying I spent a lot of time on its replacement and so I am even more disappointed then most for not seeing VUM updated.  More info – and screen shots – can be found here. A little more info here.

Content Library Provides Snazzy New Home for Templates, ISO Images, and More – this is something you have seen in NDA roadmaps for a long time, and I am very happy it has finally ended up in beta!

VMware vSphere 6.0: NFS Client – a good read on the improvements around NFS.  Not exactly simple as just a new NFS protocol! More good info on this can be found here.  Here are some additional thoughts on this.

vSphere Virtual Volumes – this is something VMware and its partners have worked on for a long time.  It has been something I have thought over over the years each time I argued with LUNs, aggregates, and volumes!

vSphere 6: VMware Certificate Authority (VMCA):Design Decisions – this is an important area that I think we will need some help with so this is a good start to see.

There is another link I would like to share.  Corey Romero (of vExpert fame) has done an article that links out to the vExpert articles on vSphere 6.  I have looked at some of them but not all of them.  But it is a nice collection!

Have a great day and wonderful week!  I hope that the information above helps you to get started about thinking about vSphere 6 as I think it is an exciting release!

BTW, I will write an upgrade article when the time comes and since I have one lab on Windows vC, and one on the VCSA I guess I will do two articles!


2/10/15 – add the link to the Mike Brown article on clarifying some of the confusion around the vSphere 6 articles.

2/8/15 – added link to vSphere 6 Link-O-Rama.


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