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Another hard week.  I am looking forward to Christmas.  Also looking forward to having an intern to help.  Starting my third week in Nashua but on the 13th I head home for several weeks.  Looking forward to that!  I have a range of things for everyone today and as always I hope at least 1 thing interesting for everyone.

Have a great week everyone!

BTW, I have become quite annoyed with all of the blogs and even videos on vC Ops 6.0.  The reason is I like what I see, but of course vC Ops 6 is not out yet.  So I will not share any more of the vC Ops – or vRO I think it is now – until the product is actually available.  Now that I think about it Log Insight v2.5 is being blogged about a lot and it too is not out yet.  Both products are in the BU so I wonder if that might be why.


vSphere 5.1 Update 5.3 now released
This caught me by surprise but it is an important update for 5.1 shops.  Check out this for more info.

NetApp joins the EVO:Rail party and includes a FAS
This caught me by surprise too, and I must admit I did wonder about it.  It seems like a good move for NetApp, and if the FAS is actually integrated, and is easy to use and manage from the EVO UI then this might even be a win for the customers.  Here is Duncan’s thoughts on this.

Thoughts on VMware’s EVO:RAIL
The author shares his thoughts – hopes and worries in this article.  I think he has good points.  I really like EVO but believe the pricing has put it out of range for most customers.  I said once I would buy it for my lab but not any longer.  I am quite disappointed about this as I see a lot of future potential with EVO – such as built in backup to the cloud, anti-virus, and all managed via the wonderful EVO UI but I see less chance of this sort of stuff happening.  Here is an interesting look at the cost of EVO:RAIL by Howard Marks.

VSAN Part 30 – Difference between Absent and Degraded components
Cormac talks about something I have seen others have issues with.  I have had to explain this to people I used to work with as well.  So very good that Cormac is talking to the world on this!

Tips for a Successful VMware Virtual SAN Evaluation
This is a pretty nice document.  Thanks Charu for sharing it out.  If you are evaluating VSAN this will be a useful doc.  However, it shows as draft, and it is missing author info which is almost always in these sorts of things.  So not sure what is going on.

Cleaning up Replicas, Virtual Desktops, Composer and ADAM
An interesting article about dealing with stuck desktops and I can tell you that is pretty frustrating sometimes.  I have not seen it often – thank goodness.  This is about a View desktop that you tell View to delete and while it thinks about it there is no deleting of it!

vC Ops Resources
I found this site which has an excellent collection of vC Ops links.  Nicely done!

Log Insight 2.5: Extracted Fields Enhancements
I like very much working with Log Insight but I have not often used extracted fields but people that use LI for more complex things then I do seem to use them a lot.  And they are easier to use in LI 2.5.  I like how they have notes fields now too.  See this article for the full info.

Workstation 11 now GA
I am a few days late on this one.  But serious updates in this new version of Workstation.  It even has experimental support for Windows 10.  With lots of new OS support it even has some serious new support for hardware that can help performance really a lot.  Check out the release notes here.

Fusion 7.1 now GA
This release has nothing in the release notes of new features, but lots of things fixed.  Not sure what makes it 7.1 rather then 7.02.

SRM 5.8 – don’t forget to delete ….
Buried in the release notes is something important that I missed.  If you are using the embedded database, and I suspect some people are to make things little easier for them, you will need to delete (backup first) a particular file after the install.  The database passwords are in that file and in the clear.  The file is pgpass.conf and is found in  the folder %APPDATA%\postgresql.

SRM and IP Customization
This article looks at IP customization during SRM failovers.  Most customers have a different IP space at the failover location so IP customization is important.

Advantages of mounting NFS storage with FQDN
This is an interesting article by Chris Wahl that is about using FQDN instead of IP when mounting your NFS, however even if you don’t believe in that this is a very interesting article.  Check it out!

On choosing VMware NSX or Cisco ACI
This is pretty interesting and I think useful for many.  I see this sort of behavior coming up more and more, so this article will help equip us to handle it!  Make sure to go through the comments too!  Very nice job BTW!

NSX Bytes: Network & Security Inventory Reports 0 Managers
Sometimes there might be a situation where you should see X number of NSX Managers and yet you do not.  Full info on this issue and workaround is here.

Infographic – walk through of VMware Availability
My good friend Ken Werneburg has blogged about a new Infographic from VMware on Availability.  I quite like Infographics and this one doesn’t disappoint.  Find it here.  Thanks Ken.

Set vCenter Server Annotations via vCloud Automation Center deployment
I too have been asked about this, and in fact I may have even asked for this functionality myself.  But a nice article about how to set annotations and notes via vCAC.  Nice functionality so thanks for the article!

Tech Trailblazers – we are up in the Storage and Virtualization categories
If you are a customer or partner that has played with our storage array and think it pretty cool – like me – you can vote for us in either or both of the Storage and Virtualization categorizes in the Tech Trailblazers Awards.

Veeam 8 vs. Veeam 7: Fail-over Plan
This is an interesting look at the Veeam 8 feature called Failover Plan.  It gives the ability to turn off the VM(s) in production and turn them on in the recovery site.  Veeam can handle the replication, and start up plan.  There is even IP management and pre and post scripts.  This is not SRM by any means, but it is still pretty darn good and quite useful.

Veeam EndPoint backup – a new free backup solution for computers and physical servers
This is an interesting free tool to do backups.  It looks pretty good in fact.  Veeam has once again done a very good job with something free!  Here is some info to download and use it.

Veeam and PernixData: vPower on steroids
This is a nice use-case for PernixData – speeding up vPower.  I really like their software – Veeam of course, but also PernixData!

New SQL Server SureBackup Script in Veeam 8
Here is an interesting article that talks about how Veeam 8 can backup SQL servers.  Part of the new stuff in v8 but it is interesting, as Veeam has come a long way with respect to SQL backups.  You only need Veeam to get a good backup – not just of VMs but also now of SQL.

Playing tonight: DRS and IO Controllers
Frank has a very nice article that covers off some important stuff – DRS, SIOC, NETIOC and SDRS.  Good info and a nice reminder too.  I love his line – “In my opinion, trying to outsmart advanced and adaptive computer algorithms with basic math reasoning is really weird.” and of course I really agree with it!

It’s Time for IT to come out of the shadows
A nice infographic and some very good points. Good data!

Nimble Storage – heir to the throne of the SME?
I had not heard this anywhere else until I saw this article.  Nimble is adding in Fiber Channel support to their platform.  Definitely something I did not expect.

What’s in a Name? The importance of naming conventions
This is so true.  I have participated with a number of customers over the years on deciding naming conventions.  They are very handy indeed when they are decided and committed too.  Here is something on this subject.  I am working on one for datastores – just like in the article – but for me the most important thing is that the same name, or mostly the same name, is used in the array, and the datastore.  Very important to be able to follow the names when you are troubleshooting – and not just through VMware but through the complete storage stack.  Another reason this is important, is that when you call Microsoft or VMware for help, and they go through the logs, it is MUCH easier for them when you have consistent naming!

DataGravity Intellectual Property Innovates Storage
This article about getting our first patent approved is written by our CTO / President and is pretty interesting.  Some good points too.

VDI Storage Revisited
Scott has written an interesting article about the history of VDI and storage.  Scott has been there for all of it and has great knowledge on the subject and it shows in the article.

Exploring the DEMOGRAPHICS of #VDM30IN30
Recently there was a 30 day contest where bloggers did a blog article each day for the 30 days. One of the authors was a co-worker of mine and he analyzed the blog articles of the people in the contest.  He did not have to do manual analysis at all.  He downloaded the blog articles as PDFs to a DataGravity array.  He saved them to the the array as AD user that equaled the author’s name.  The array did everything else!  Check out the articles on this here and here – and it is a great example of how data-aware storage is different and useful!  Nice job Gabe!

It’s not just PURE Storage!
Are you curious what PURE Storage is about?  Here is a pretty good explanation about what is cool about PURE.

What is VMware AppVolumes?
Remember CloudVolumes?  Well they have been renamed!  Here is a link to some info about them.  I think that this – along with Project Fargo proves that the VMware EUC business unit is doing rather well!

Apple Pay: Gateway Drug to Security, Competition
A nice write up by one of the geeks at Solarwinds on Apple Pay.  I cannot wait until we have Apple Pay in Canada!

My VCAP-DCA (VDCA550) Experience
Nice that this fellow has shared what he used to get through this cert.  Should be helpful if you are going to do the same cert.

Thwarting Twitter’s upcoming data collection
This is an interesting article about Twitter and how it is changing.  It doesn’t really bode well for us I think.

Operation Yellow Ribbon
Someone I know via twitter and my blog was stuck on the runway in Goose Bay Newfoundland for a while – painful.  It is a famous airport for a bunch of reasons.  My first time flying over the Atlantic we stopped there to fuel.  Plus it handled around 34 airplanes during the 9/11 crisis.  You can learn more about that here – it was called Operation Yellow Ribbon.  It was the operation when the US closed it’s airspace and the planes in the air had to go somewhere.

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