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I had a good and productive week in the lab, and you have seen an article or two as a result of that.  I have several others pending – Search tricks in the DataGravity UI, as well as backing up CIFS via Backup Exec.  Not quite what I expected but I figured it out and need to just finish writing it up.  This weekend is very busy so not getting much done – bought a new SUV yesterday and a murder mystery today.  Plus trying to keep the pain away and lots of icing time.    But I have some interesting things today to share, and as always I hope something for everyone!


Future direction of disabling TPS by default and its impact on capacity planning
Frank does a very good job writing this up for us.  I do believe the security issue is very rare, but I also do understand how little TPS helps currently as compared to the past.  Find Frank’s article here, and the KB here and here.

VUM doesn’t upgrade the Hadoop Template VM under Big Data Extensions vApp
I know that most of you are not playing with Hadoop – and quite frankly why should you?  But I do know someone who is and when I saw this I thought it might help.  VUM says all upgraded and of course we would believe it!  And yet….

Evaluate vSphere VCSA beta on Fusion and Workstation
With 5.5 I started to recommend to use the VCSA and so it is very good that William has a way to test the next version of the VCSA under simple conditions like Fusion or Workstation.  His method is important to know and remember as I can see it being useful for other OVA / OVF situations.  Check out the article here.

Apple Mac Pro 6,1 (black) officially supported on ESXi via 5.5 patch 03
I suspect that William had a lot to do with getting the work done for this.  But find out more from William here.  The patch to make this work is here.

Latest Fling from VMware Labs – ESXtop for the vSphere Web Client
This is most excellent to see.  I know customers that lock the ESXi host down and want to have easy access to ESXtop info and this is it.  I also like how they have some tool-tips for counter descriptions.  Find out more here.

VMware NSX 6.1 for vSphere Step – by – Step Installation
A nice article by Sid that should help anyone who wants to get started with NSX 6.1.  A lot 0f steps so some good help!

Announcing vRealize Log Insight 2.5 and more!
Steve talks about what was announced at VMworld EMEA in the area of vRealize.  A great list of new features in Log Insight 2.5 and Operations 6.0.  Of course LI is really aggressive in development and yet I am impressed that they are already at 2.5 – while not out yet should be soon I hope.  Operations is a really big release and it has taken a lot longer then expected but they have had a lot of work to do.  There is lots to look forward to in both LI and Operations.

VMware vRealize Code Stream: Enabling continuous delivery for DevOps teams
Someone asked me what this was.  It is not Stage Manager.  But does sort of sound like it.  Reading between the lines I think that this will be a simple addition of a custom dashboard in vCAC.  But they are treating it like a product and it looks like it costs so there must be more.

vRealize cheat sheet
This is important and useful.  Which should be a clue that it was all a bad idea – the renaming that is.

Exchange 2013 on VMware: Some Considerations
A nice article on some things you should be thinking about when you put Exchange 2013 on VMware.  Which of course is a great place for it.  Hugo has some nice links for more info too.

Putting the GUI back on Windows Server Core
This is something someone asked me about a while back and I was not sure what that answer was. I heard somewhere else it was in PowerShell.  But it wasn’t until I saw this I knew for sure!

Free high resolution stock photos
Yes, really.  Thanks to Matt for the notice on these.  Very handy.

Backup Exec 2014 and lost hosts
I have an issue with BE backing up CIFS shares and I asked for some support from Symantec on it. When we logged into do that I had a different issue. The home screen said no backups yet done, and the backup view had no hosts in it even though there should have been three. And a few backups should have been seen too. I tried adding a host and got a database timeout. But all services including BE and SQL were fine. Turns out that an Add Remove programs Repair fixed it. Not sure why, or what happened. But now if you have this happen to you, it will not take an hour with technical support to fix!

My Yosemite upgrade
My Yosemite upgrade went great. Downloaded overnight and then was able to copy the .dmg off my laptop before doing the upgrade with no issues. Upgrade itself was quick. After it was done I had a popup from Trend saying I had to upgrade but provided a download link so quick and easy. When I started 1Password it said I had an upgrade and that was quick and easy. But my normal stuff of Evernote, Postbox, BusyCal, View, Skype, Tweetbot, VMware Fusion (7.x), SecureCRT / FX all worked fine. Things I use less like Neat, Sublime, OmniGraffle, and Word all worked fine too. I did have to update Word but that was outstanding and not due to Yosemite.  Jump Desktop and the built-in Cisco VPN worked fine. BTW, worked fine includes working fine but also includes things like config and passwords still being good too.  On my laptop I already had file vault which I think is a good idea but on one of my other machines that I upgraded which was not using file vault during the upgrade it suggested I use it. Nice.  BTW, SONOS came through the upgrade great. It did prompt it had to do something to make it work but that took a second or two and was done and worked fine.  So all in all a better upgrade then normal I think.  I should note that I had a month or two working with the beta of Yosemite so I was not worried at all about upgrading the day it comes out as I already knew how well it works.

Want to learn more about Yosemite – in great detail?
This is a wonderful review – meaning very well done and lots of detail.  If you are not sure about upgrading, or you have upgraded and want to learn more about what changed this is a great article for that.  The author is the same one that has done this review for a great number of years.  If you don’t like the style of this review here is another one that might work better for you.

How to make a Yosemite boot USB?
USB will boot the Mac much faster then DVD so it is the choice for emergency type boot.  I could not find an automated utility, and I found a lot of articles that showed you how to do this for beta which of course doesn’t work now.  I did finally find one that worked great and this is it.  Even with the wonderful Recovery Console I do think it worth having handy somewhere a USB that can boot and install your current Mac OS.  I have had to use them on occasion.

50 OS X Yosemite Tips and Tricks
You can find the list here.  It is from an annoying website who pushes advertising hard enough to make sure I will never give money to any of them, but it is a good collection of tips.

Moving to iCloud Drive
I have left Dropbox, and started to use iCloud Drive.  I quite like it.  Works just like Dropbox, but I don’t have to pay Dropbox, and while I have bought extra space, it was a great price.  iCloud seems to work well among my devices and it is simple so that is good.  You can learn more about making it work here.

Another great Cirque Du Soleil – The Beatles Love
When we were in Vegas last weekend – aside for some great hiking, we visited a wonderful Cirque show about the Beatles.  Really liked it.  I am not consumed by Beatles music, but it did not matter – the show was amazing.  BTW, we had an amazing lunch before at an old favorite – CarneVino.  I do recommend that restaurant a lot.

Thanks for reading – or skimming – this far!


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