Newletter: August 30 – VMworld Edition

Hello all,

I am back in Nashua, got in early this AM, and had a great sleep.  While not at home, nor with my wife, it is good to be out of the excitement that VMworld is.  It was a great week, and I was very happy to meet old friends and start to make new ones too.  It was something to meet and see everyone.

As I was working on my newsletter, which will go out later this weekend, I found I had a lot of different VMworld things and realized that a newsletter should go out on just VMworld.  So here is a collection of things from VMworld I believe worth sharing – important to note, that the order is not significant, but certainly the contents are!


  • Here is something cool to start with.  We came out of stealth mode on Tuesday, and a week later on Wednesday we won Best of Show, and Best new technology at VMworld.  This is a big deal, and it means a lot to me.  I demoed and talked with many of you at our booth and I really appreciate that.  You can see some great demos of our product here.  As well this is my tag for articles about our product.
  • One of the best summary articles about VMworld is this one.  Derek Seaman has done a great job.  Lots of good info and links too!
  • List of VMware announcements and links to more info – good collection.  Update: Another good collection of the announcements, maybe a little more complete can be found here.
  • Something that was talked about in VMware roadmap customer decks a very long time ago has surfaced again.  I worked on it a bit – meetings with PM and UI kind of stuff and so I am very happy to have it surface finally.  What am I talking about – the Content Library.  This is a tool to keep your templates and ISO in sync through various locations.  One of the things I was concerned about was how was the data going to be moved around.  I do not know how that will turn out.  You can find out more about this here.  If this turns out as well as I think it should it will be big help for anyone with multiple vC / sites.  Update: you can find out more here on this subject.
  • Here is a link to the best collection of EVO articles.  This is important and something I think very cool.  Before there was EVO, or even an Emerging Products unit, I helped in a very minor way with MARVIN.  Mostly looking at stuff and providing comments.  It is a great idea, and something I hope to purchase one day. One part-number, one phone number for help, and very self contained.  BTW, I think that EVO:Rail is good for a bunch of different use cases but one in particular is interesting – management cluster.  Completely self contained so I think it pretty good for that use case.  If you don’t want to look at all of the links that are found via the link above here is one that will get you good info and you can carry on.
  • VMworld TV did a great job talking to people – as always – and this year for the first time I was almost interviewed!  But it did not turn out.  Here is the great list of the VMworld TV episodes.
  • Here is a recap of the show from the Pure Storage point of view.  Nice to know they have both Log Insight and SRM integration on the way and they have already web client integration.
  • Chris Wahl did two sessions, one that I plan on listening too (about vDS) but he talks about both sessions he did in this and replies to the comments as well as shares what people said about the class.  He also has a link to the vDS session which I think worth listening too.
  • Whats new with VDP 5.8 and vSphere 5.8 – here is some info on these new versions announced at VMworld.
  • The top 10 sessions can be found here.  Some great stuff there!  I really liked the VSAN one – great info.  The SRM one is good too.  Actually I liked all of them but it did take time to get through them!  I had some trouble with viewing these videos but I hope it was due to my poor internet.  I wish we could download them.
  • vRealize – various names changes in this product area and Steve clears it up for us in this.

This is not all of the important stuff, nor links to all of the best content out there.  But it is a good covering of what I saw and thought about.

This is a short article but there is a lot of stuff referenced through it.  This was a pretty good VMworld and a lot of things came out of it.  I hope that this article makes it easy to catch up!


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