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A long hard week but things are looking good.  Our product is looking good, and I am looking forward to being able to talk about it and show it off.  I do suggest everyone pass by our booth at VMworld if you really want to see something a little different, and more useful than you might expect.  Sort of the thing you look at and smile as you think of all the different things you might do with it.  Plus wonder why something did not do it before!  I spent a heavy week with developers and in the lab.  But I did have enough time to find a bunch of things I think worth sharing.

Have a great week!


View 6 now GA
I am sure everyone heard by now that View 6.0 is out?  I am remote from my home lab so have not upgraded everything yet but am looking forward to that. There is a lot of new features which you can see in the release notes.  It mentions that it will send its logs to syslog now.  In the past that was only the View events, and I wonder if in this release it is everything?  Even if it is, I wonder if it includes PCoIP as well?  You can find the docs here.  A quick look at the upgrade info suggests it is worth looking at it before you upgrade.  This is a big upgrade in terms of features and capabilities.  I think testing before you upgrade is a good idea – especially to see how the new features will work for you  – like hosted apps.  Bits can be found here.  BTW, note that there is now a Horizon VCO plug-in.  Here is the first announcement blog on this new release.

Want to learn about Horizon 6?  Use the Boot camp
You can find a video boot camp to learn about Horizon 6 here.  I know a number of the speakers and they are pretty good.  So there should be some good learning.  Not sure how much time or depth though.

View Clients 3.0 now GA
You can find the newly upgraded View clients here.  I upgrade my View client on my Mac and it went smooth and I quite like new icon and look.  The View client docs is here.  Here is the Mac release notes, iOS release notes, and the Windows release notes.

VMware Horizon 6 (View) Firewall & Network Ports
This is a nice diagram / article on the ports in View 6.  Very good stuff to know.  The diagram is quite good too.

Horizon View 6 – Cloud Pod Architecture
This is an interesting article about some of the new features in View 6.  It is about the block and pod architecture for View 6.  Good info.

Changing the IP address of a Connection Server in View
This newly updated KB article is pretty handy.  Short version is to not change the IP of a View connection server.  But if you have to you better check this out.

Using Sphere Elimination for Troubleshooting
Chris Wahl – wandering around beautiful Norway right now – has an interesting new blog article.  He is trying to describe a troubleshooting strategy – which is often hard, so I was curious to see how he did.  I think he did pretty well, and he describes a method that is pretty good.  I use something similar myself.  So check it out, and I hope that it helps!

Did you know this?  VMware Tools time sync’s in both directions?
I just heard this recently.  VMware Tools time sync can adjust forward or back now.  I did not know that changed.  Confirmed here.  However, this doesn’t mean I think you should use this feature!

Heads up!  Log Insight 2.0 and upgraded vCenter 4.x issue
If you are using LI 2.0 – and you really should be – you may have an issue if your vCenter has been upgraded from 4.x to 5.x.  You will know if you have this issue if you get SSL related issues.  More info can be found here.

Announcing the Windows Content Pack for Log Insight
This new content pack is pretty handy.  It has a lot of dashboards, widgets, alerts and extracted fields to help you monitor your Windows logs more effectively.  See the marketing announcement here.

vCenter Log Insight Support Center
Just in case you need help with LI – check this out.

Providence VMUG PowerCLI Presentation
Here is a link to a article that is really about a PowerCLI presentation to a local VMUG.  There is some good info in this article and slides.

Automating SRM with PowerCLI
An interesting article on using PowerCLI with SRM.  This is an SRM and vCAC project so that is why the scripts are necessary.

David Davis on vCenter Operations – Post #11 – Understanding and configuring Alerts
This is a good article to learn more about the Alerts in vC Ops.  I do find them sometimes confusing and so this article is quite helpful.

vCenter Operations Manager Part 3: Nice, yeah, but I have also got some other stuff to monitor
This article talks about how vC Ops can actually manage non VMware stuff.  Which of course is true and handy.

Can you clone a VM replicated by Veeam?
This is interesting.  Turns out that Veeam does something smart, but it does mean you cannot clone VMs without understanding something.

#VCDX Constraint: LBT (and vSphere Distributed vSwitch)?
A good rundown on how using 10 Gb changes things.  But it also has some excellent references as well to other things.  Some very good reading.

VCDX – Troubleshooting Scenario Strategy
Here is an interesting article to help you in your VCDX troubleshooting strategy.  It is good info for your VCDX challenge, but it is also good information to help you improve your troubleshooting strategy.  The author has links to other articles about his VCDX journey.

VCAP5-DCA on vSphere 5.5 exam tips and gotchas
This article has a short list of things good to know for the VCAP5-DCA exam.

Hey Dude where’s my NIC?
This is an interesting read.  Often simple problems have interesting background information.  Missing NIC?  And why is interesting too!  Check it out.

Remove Hidden Devices from Servers
This is an interesting article in that it shows a different way to remove hidden devices.  What makes this article interesting is I too have had to clean up a lot of P2V’ed virtual machines.  What is interesting is that the author shows a registry change and restart that I did not expect.  I replace those two steps with a drop out to command line and using this info.  It will allow you to skip the restart.  The benefit of the new way with the restart is that you will be able to view hidden devices as you might expect without a restart or work at the command line in the future.

Protecting your website with DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE)
Christian is writing about an interesting way to use DNS to help protect us users when we connect with web sites that use SSL.  Check out his info here and see how you can do this too.

Visio Stencils
This is always good to have handy.  Many of us do a bit of diagramming.  Check out the list here.

VMware: alarm notifications using PowerCLI and IFTTT
This is very cool.  With this article you can have vSphere alarms pushed out to you with a bit of PowerCLI, RSS, and IFTTT.  Nice!

Veeam Cloud Connect
Here is an article about a service provider who is looking forward to the Veeam Cloud Connect program which will be part of Veeam 8.  This will allow customers to forward their backup to a service provide in the cloud.  Which is a good idea.  I thought however that Veeam already did this?  How will it be new to 8?

VMware acquisitions
You can see some of the recent purchases that VMware has made on this support page.

Crooks use Synology NAS boxen to mine Dogecoin, yells Dell
This is an interesting story.  I just bought a Synology box too!

What you should know about storage and Linux
Pluralsight is doing a new course about – yes – storage and Linux.  A blog article talks about it here.  I think it will be interesting actually.

Tour through VMware vCloud Hybrid Service part 1
This is a nice tour through vCHS that Duncan provides us.  I had not seen much of the UI before but it looks good and simple.

Cisco Technical Documentation Updates
I saw this recently and I know someone was looking for it.  Was it you?

Want to learn more about Data Deduplication in Win2K12 R2?
Veeam is doing a webinar on this subject in late June.  Find out more here.

Two Big Highlights in WWDC 2014 – iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite
A short article on the highlights in iOS 8 and Yosemite.  I am looking forward to both!

CIA’s Impact on Technology
This is quite interesting.  You can learn about all of the things that the CIA has provided a serious impact on in technology.  Find out more here.  It is surprising.

Thanks for reading or skimming so far!


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