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Hello all,

A quick note before I head out into the mountains for an amazing wine dinner with my wife.  Quite looking forward to it.

But I wanted to share that I have decided to move away from the Mail that is part of OSX to a new mail client.  After some searching around and a lot of reading I have picked Postbox.  Installing it now, and we will see how it goes.  I like how it will not impact my existing email infrastructure so I could return to Apple Mail if necessary.

I will let you know how this goes!  Below are some links in case you are interested.  BTW, if I still had Zimbra or Exchange in the back end of my email I would likely still use Apple Mail but I have Google so I have little odd things I would like to avoid and in theory with Postbox I can.

Review by 9 to 5 –

Email filtering strategy –

Postbox blog –

Postbox key features –

Using Gmail with Postbox –

Postbox extensions –


Postbox Lightning – in case I do Google Calendar inside of Postbox – – I think I will try and go back to BusyCal – I used to use it a lot and like it.

If you read MacWorld magazine that is where I got the idea for this.  In either the June or July issue they review a bunch of mail apps, and while Mailmate won (I think), Postbox did well and when reading and looking around Postbox won it for me.

Have a great weekend, and hopefully Sunday or Monday you will see my newsletter.


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2 thoughts on “Postbox – new email starts here!

    1. Yes it does IMAP, and the to address search is excellent. Even pulls in pictures for people from a bunch of places. Definitely worth a test!


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