IOS 7.1.1 Upgrade

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I talked with someone in my hotel yesterday about upgrading the iPhone.  They were a little confused and they thought it would be nice if I had a blog on how to do it.  I showed them how to upgrade their iPhone via the iPhone and it was easy so I am not going to blog about that.  But, I will do a blog with pictures on how to upgrade your iPhone / iPad using iTunes.  I did say I would after all – and our office move is not done yet so my lab is not back.

If you plugged your iPhone or iPad into your computer yesterday or today you would see something like the picture below.  As always you can click on the picture for a larger version.


I did have to head out to my office to get it downloaded!  It would work in the hotel but likely have to take overnight.

If you use the Download and Update option – which I did, you will see something like below.


We see that there is only three things mentioned about the update.  And improvements to the Touch ID feature is nice to see.  I love that feature!  If we check the URL we are redirected somewhere else – to jump there click here.  What you find is there is a number of security improvements also in this release and that is good – we want our phones to be as secure as possible.

Once you hit Next, you will see a download progress screen like below.


If it interesting to note that if you do the upgrade of your iPhone / iPad on the device the download will be much smaller.  After the download is complete, you will see a backup happening.


I suggest that outside of this upgrade process to do an encrypted backup of your iPhone / iPad on occasion – especially before the big upgrades – or even all upgrades.  By doing an encrypted backup all of your passwords will be protected.  You will get a restore that is complete instead of almost complete and missing certain passwords.  Also, it looks like when iTunes does the automatic backup of your device before the upgrade it will do an encrypted one if that is the default.  So this is very good advice and you should follow it!  And yes, you can enable Cloud backups too so that you get the best of both worlds.

You will next see a Verifying message.


You will next see Updating.


You will now be prompted to leave your device connected.


And of course you should do as requested!


We do not see the new version yet, but once the device comes back up we should see the new version – 7.1.1 if everything worked.


We can now see the new version – 7.1.1 so we are upgraded and happy!

I hope that this helps and if not let me know in the comments.  I should add that I have upgraded both an iPhone and an iPad and I have not had any issues with this update.


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