Alert – vSphere 5.5 Update 1 and NFS – dropped connections

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I started to see comments about this on Twitter yesterday afternoon – NFS hosts losing connections to ESXi hosts.  I saw it from VMware, and NetApp people / customers first.  I heard from guys I knew who said to not upgrade, and to downgrade if I had.  It was suggested it was an ESXi issue – meaning downgrade hosts but not vC.  It took a while before we got a KB article from VMware.  Not sure why but very happy they shared it out so here it is – KB 2076392.

While I have no doubt that this is a serious issue I wanted to put things in perspective. I have been running Update 1 since it was released.  I have NFS in use and from two vendors – QNAP and Lenovo (yes, I know, not mainstream but I mostly fund my lab on my own).  I checked my logs carefully – thanks Log Insight – and I do not have the issue as it is reported.  Plus, nothing has gone down unexpected since I upgraded.

Of course if you are not using NFS than ignore all of this.  But, if you are, and if you have not upgraded to Update 1 of vSphere 5.5 you should wait (and monitor the KB article above).  If you have, than what you should do is check your logs to see if you have this issue (look for APDCorrelator or All Paths Down).  You can also collect your logs and submit them and call VMware and see what they have to say.  I think also calling your storage provider to see what they have to say is a good idea.  And do these things first thing Monday morning!  But if you have not had issues – no services have gone done, than do not stress until you talk to VMware and your storage provider Monday morning.

BTW, while I heard about this first from an NetApp person, it does not mean that only NetApp has this issue.  Since it sounds like an ESXi issue, that means most or all NFS appliances should have this issue.  Just because I don’t don’t assume that you won’t – after all it could be connected to load and mine is lighter than yours!

Good Luck – and let me know how it goes!

Update: 4/19/14 1049 – just saw this – Michael Webster’s post on this issue – and it has other info – thanks Michael!

Update: 4/20/14 1030 – William just shared this – a great way to alert on the issue.  Very handy!!


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