Piper Update – #5

This is a quick update on my Piper experience.  I have only a few things to share this time.

  1. In the space of the couple of months of use it has only one time hung.  Meaning it stopped working and I had to unplug it, and remove its batteries.  It happened one night and I saw a flashing yellow.  The power reset is what I did but support said that yellow means redo WiFi but I liked the hard reset better.  It came back fully functional.  There is not much troubleshooting we can do.  No logs or anything.  Support is going to check it out and let me know but I have not heard anything – and it has not happened again.
  2. My Piper was updated last night.  It adds a number of things but the big thing is multiple Piper support.  Most of the other changes impact Z-Wave stuff.  The multiple Piper support will require an updated client which hasn’t happened yet.  Not sure how this will turn out.  I suspect though it will be a switch or toggle between appliances.  While that is not too bad for some elements I had hoped for an overview of the security and Vitals.  We will see.  This is what is known currently.
  3. I have seen in a number of places the information that they are working on Geo Fence support and it will be a future app update.
  4. Curious about what the hardware is for the Piper?  You can see it here.


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2 thoughts on “Piper Update – #5

  1. Thanks for your reviews! I’m looking into getting Piper and your reviews have been very helpful. Do you have any more updates since your last entry?

    1. Thanks Carlo. I am quite happy with my Piper, but I am debating getting another one, or getting a Canary. If I do get another Piper I will talk about what it is like with 2. Otherwise I will talk about the Canary.


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