Wow – I made the list on Top vBlog 2014

I am very excited to make the list (number 121) of the Top vBlog 2014 that is done on vSphere-land.  Considering the company on that list, and how little time I have been blogging I am most impressed and I quite appreciate the honor.   I really am excited that I am on the list.  Often I get a comment or two on things I write, or when people reach out over twitter or email so I do know that someone is reading what I write.  But this means there is a few more people reading and that I find pretty cool.  So thanks very much for this honor but also congratulations to everyone on the list – especially all the people that have made the list for the first time!

I am also impressed how big that list is – 320 blogs.  This is quite the community we are in.  We are very lucky indeed!

BTW – thanks to Eric for doing all the work on this!


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