Troubles adding Nest Protect?

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I use Nest Smoke Detectors in my house.  I had two, and now I have three.  But I had a little trouble adding the third one so I thought I would share as the support people at Nest did not know and I think others might run into it – BTW isn’t it cool that Nest support is 7 X 24?

I would like to say first that I think most of you reading this should have Nest smoke detectors.  They are better than what we used to have.  They talk to each other – so the one by my bedroom will make a noise and tell me of smoke or C02 when it occurs in the basement – or the dinning room where I have another Nest smoke detector.  The fact these devices speak in English and communicate between them is very important.  Plus, if you set it off accidentally, you can wave at it and it will quiet.  They also alert before they alarm which is also quite handy.  Plus you can check them from an IOS or Android device and be alerted on your smartphone as well so pretty handy.

I had trouble adding my third while sitting at my desk in the basement office – with my existing Protects elsewhere in the house.  When the devices are configured the first time they seem to have shorter wireless distances as compared to later.  So I suggest configuring the devices before you put them into their final resting place.  Here is an outline that will work.

  1. Have the app ready on your Smart Phone or tablet.
  2. Have the running Protect nearby the new Protect.
  3. Take a picture of the back of the new Nest Protect.
  4. On your successfully running Protect press the button once.
  5. Now on your new Protect remove the battery protection, wait for it to settle, and hit the button 1 time to select English.  It should stay blue but if not hit it once again.
  6. Now use the app on your Smart Phone.  Add a new device.  Follow the instructions.  Snap the QR code is better than typing in the code – which you have in your picture.
  7. Once you are done you should see both the old and new in your Smart Phone app.
  8. Now push the button twice to do a test.  The test should occur on all connected Protects – move around and confirm.
  9. Now put the new Protect in its place and in my case put the old one back where it belongs.
  10. Now label the picture you took with the name of the Protect.  If you need to redo things you can enter the code from the picture instead of taking the Protect done.
  11. Every now and again test.

If all goes well you should see something like mine below.

Nest on iOS
Nest on iOS

If a Protect is working fine, and for some reason it is not visible as green in your Smart Phone, and it shows as offline, and it stays that way, you will need to reset it.  Confirm it is working by doing a test and it will likely start with “Nest not connected to Internet”.  Tt will be functional and will work properly but since it is not connected to the internet your Smart Phone or tablet will not see it.  You can reset it by pressing and holding the button in until you hear Version and than let go and go through the outline above.

I hope that this helps and rest assured I am a big fan and believer in Nest.  And yes, we have a Thermostat from them too but it is not installed yet.


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6 thoughts on “Troubles adding Nest Protect?

  1. How is repeating the instructions that the phone gives you supposed to help? Thanks for wasting my time by posting useless crap to the internet.

    1. Hi Chet,

      The instructions didn’t come from the phone. And while it is on the phone sometimes if you get someone to talk to, sometimes it is nice to not have to call and ask and instead find with Google.


  2. Okay, I was installing my third Nest Protect tonight. After 1 hour I decided to contact support. If you already have a Nest Protect Product you need to setup the new one close to one of the existing installed product. Press the existing ring and new ring then add New Nest Protect. I didn’t find these instruction online anywhere. Hope this helps someone else. -JC

  3. repeating the product instructions doesn’t really count as trouble-shooting, you should remove or accurately title this post

    1. Thanks for reaching out Bradley, I have had other people say thanks it helped, so not sure why you don’t like the title. I think it is accurate, as i did have troubles adding the Protect, and I shared what I did to get it working.


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