Fitbit Force Recall

Hello all,

I just was informed that Fitbit wants my Force back and is willing to pay me for it.  This is due to what I believe is an issue with less than 2% of their customers – those that have an issue have a skin rash kind of thing under the Force.  They seem to be very proactive and are taking very good care of their customers.  I really like my Fitbit, and I have no issues with it at all, but I am still going to return it.  I called them to say I have no issues with my skin, and I don’t want to return it. But they convinced me too.  They said there will be no warranty, and they will have a new Force soon.  So I am sending it back.

See here for more info.

Glad they are being proactive, but sad to let my Force go.  My wife is going to be shocked the first time my alarm goes off that she can hear!


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