Piper Update – #2

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Updated 3/21/14 – 1102 for battery information.

I have a couple of things to share about Piper.  Piper is part of my security at home. I have written about it before here and here.  I quite like it.  But I have a few things to share about my recent usage of it.

While in India recently I knew each time our neighbor came in to check out our house.  I got a push notice, and I could also see a movie of it, but I could also check the temperature inside and outside of the house.  So pretty handy and cool.  It is important to me that it is a sensor platform as well as a security tool.  For more on that see this.

I want to mention that the support forums suggest 4 – 6 hours of battery time when the power is off to the Piper.  What I had to learn from their support is that it is cumulative and the batteries are not rechargeable.  So I have approximately 3 minutes of battery time.  I am checking to see if I can do anything about that – yes, you can easily change the batteries.

I suggest you do not have the appliance at desk level as I do.  But maybe a few feet above it so you get a better view.  You do not have a lot of control over what the device see’s and records so it is best to put it at a good height.  But test to see what works for you the best.

As well we still have the 1 appliance limit.  We were to see that changed in the month of February to 5 but that has not happened yet.


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