Tiger was found!

Hello all,

I am back from my holiday - and I am happy to say we did in fact see tigers.  Our holiday was a lot of fun, and we met a lot of interesting and fun people as well as saw great scenery and wonderful wild places.  India is a complex place, and I am glad we had help dealing with it.  But we did see tigers.  And one of the sightings was great - in fact was the best one of the season.  The best picture was taken by a trip mate - TomB.  See it below - remember you can click for a bigger picture.

This is a male, by the name of Munna.
This is a male, by the name of Munna.

My best picture - (using an iPhone 5s) is below.

A little too close!
A little too close!

Seeing tigers is not easy.  It takes a lot of work actually.  We did this trip with our favorite outfitter from Africa - Tropical Ice.  We know them well since we did one of our best holiday trips with them in Africa - called The Great Walk.  They used local guides from Pugdundee Safaris.  And they were great and of course we really needed them - many thanks to PD and Karan!  We had to visit a number of parks, and spent quite a few days in vehicles early and late in the day looking for tigers.  We saw this Royal Bengal Tiger - named Munna, in Kanha National Park.

I now have a lot of office email to get through - hundreds and hundreds in fact, but I do have a lot of stuff for a newsletter and I should be back doing that next weekend.

BTW, I will be posting more pictures when I have them all dealt with. Also, iPhone 5S is a great camera for many things - but not for taking pictures of wild animals - especially early in the day or late in the day.  Don’t do India on your own - I know you could - but don’t.  So many diseases and the press of humanity can be overwhelming at times.  More than half of our tour got sick, or bad sick, at one time or another.  So make sure you bring the finest in pharmacological science with you!

Everyone have a great day!


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