DataGravity Early Access Program

Hello all,

I wanted to talk with you about the Early Access Program for partners at DataGravity.  Many of you that read this blog know me.  You know that I was a partner SE at VMware and that I have always realized that partners are king.  So you might understand when I say that one of the reasons I joined DataGravity is that they were so into partners.  Not just providing them with a great product, but also a variety of other things that made me realize that this great product was going to have great partners to bring it to market.   We are not going to have lots of partners.  We are going for quality rather than quantity.  We will not sell direct.  If you think you have what it takes to be a quality partner you should reach out to us at or to

What do I think a quality partner is?  One that has technical skills in virtualization, and storage, but more importantly knows how to talk to a customer over a whiteboard session.  A partner that can talk to more than the virtualization admin but also business peoples is also important.

So reach out if you think you can help.  Thanks for helping!


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