Piper Update #1 – external access

Hi everyone,

In this I reported how much I liked Piper.  Well, things have gotten a little odd.  What I reported is correct.  But I wanted to share what I have found during a week or so of use.  Including while I was traveling away from home.  First I need to mention that it did not work outside my house.  I was a little surprised since I have a number of other home automation and security tools and they do.  I was only a little surprised since I noticed during the setup it set some ports in – I think – my Apple Wireless.  So I knew things were different.  It turns out that a quick check in the Piper forums confirmed this issue and the solution.  I had to map a TCP port – 7477 to Piper.  That was harder than it sounds as I did not know what IP address it was using, and my firewall will not map an open port to all or no IP addresses.  Which makes sense.  I checked my DHCP server and found the IP address Piper had used.  Not hard since the name of the Piper appliance is in fact Piper.  Once I had the the rule in place I tested it.  The first test failed but I think it was due to me being too close to the house and Wireless impacting things.  From the airport, or here in San Francisco it works fine.  I should point out that if your firewall is UPnP capable you will not have to work through this silliness.

I really like this product.  I like how it provides more info – like inside / outside temperature, humidity, and yet it monitors sound, and motion as well.  And the rules are simple but cover off a lot of different situations without complexity.  When it can handle more than one Piper, which is supposely this month I will buy another.  They are also working on geofence enable / disable of security.  So that is pretty exciting too.  And I have a number of Z-wave devices that I can attach to it so that is pretty exciting too.

BTW, I talked to support.  Turned out it was the QA guy.  So pretty handy and it was smooth as well.  Also, I am tagging these articles about Piper with the tag Piper to try and make it easier for you folks to browse.


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8 thoughts on “Piper Update #1 – external access

      1. Very interested in Piper especially now as the product has improved in the eighteen months since the last post. Does anyone know if there is a Piper Forum now? I have searched and cant find one.

      2. You are quite correct. I cannot find a forum either, and I think that would be quite useful for us customers!

        I also agree that it has improved a lot!


  1. How can I map a TCP port 7477 to Piper? Should it be done on my android tablet or somewhere else?
    And how to find what local IP address Piper is using?

    1. In my world, I did this in my firewall. The Piper support guys can help if this is complex issue in your lab. I found the IP address by looking in my DHCP scope but not sure how else to find it. Again Piper support should help with that.


  2. Hi, I googled Piper Cameras and open ports. I recently installed Fing app that does a home network vulnerability scan (Premium access). I scanned some devices for open ports. For example, my IoT hub has 443 open port. Piper cams (which I’ve owned for at least 5 years) have 53 for an open port. Other brand cameras don’t seem to have an open port. What does this mean? Is port 53 a secure port, like 443?

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