Upgrading vCenter Log Insight to 1.5 GA

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I had to do this upgrade recently, and in celebration of it being the last RPM based upgrade I thought I would document how to do it.  In the future all of the upgrades to Log Insight – I believe – will be done in the UI by uploading a PAK file.  So pretty easy.  But here for all to see is how the RPM upgrade goes – this will get you to the GA version where the PAK files will work in the future.

I check the current version I had in the Admin Appliance view (I have a pre 1.5 build of 1408214).

Version of LI before upgrade.
Version of LI before upgrade

Now you need to copy the RPM up to the /tmp folder on the Log Insight (LI) appliance.  This is the RPM file you can download from your My VMware.

Once the file is in the /tmp folder, you should SSH to the appliance and change your current folder to /tmp.

We need to stop LI from running using the following command:

service loginsight stop

Now you can use the command to upgrade which is seen as:

rpm -Uvh loginsight-cloudvm-1.5.0-1435442.x86_64.rpm

After the upgrade is complete, you will need to start LI again using the following command:

service loginsight start

You can see what this looks like when I do the upgrade in my lab.

LI 1.5 GA upgrade process
LI 1.5 GA upgrade process

Now I check LI to see that I have the expected LI version.

LI version after upgrade.
LI version after upgrade

We can see that I now have the proper LI version for 1.5 (build 1435442).

Thanks for checking this out, and hopefully our upgrades for LI in the future will be easy and smooth using the PAK files.


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