Did you see this? CloudPhysics will tell you the last time you updated your templates!

Hello all,

I am writing a more interesting article (hopefully!) about solving things using CloudPhysics when I saw this card – which is new to me – that I thought was quite cool.  In fact, it has prompted me right now to do some work in my lab.  Check it out and don’t forget to click on it to see it bigger.


Is this cool or what?  But wait, it shows that I do not follow my own best practice of updating templates monthly – and that’s not good!  Notice the funny colored question mark by the title in the top left corner?  That will – on CloudPhysics built cards anyway, give you a popup on what the card is about.  This card is done by a non – CloudPhysics guy so there is no info.  The author of this card is Adam Savage, and he has done quite a few cards and they are pretty good!

BTW, the vMotions Yesterday is not quite working today, but should be fixed really soon.  I suggested they add Time Machine to it but not sure if that will make it in the short term or not.

Have a great day!


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