vSphere 5.5b Upgrade – things to know!

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Things winding down for the holiday, but I have some time still so am trying to get some things done.  This post is about the vSphere vC 5.5b upgrade, and host patching.  Both were released very recently – around the 22nd I think.  I use a Windows vC so the upgrade was a bigger impact, as compared to the vCSA (which is just logging in on the VAMI and pushing a button).  But my vC upgrade and the host patches (applied with VUM) were applied successfully and with no issues.  But there are some things to know.

  • The release notes are very big and detailed but make sure to check them out – vSphere 5.5b release notes.
  • This upgrade means that you can use vC 5.5b as the SSO destination for vCAC 6.0.  This is very good news since that means one less appliance to install and manage.  This is not in the release notes but I have been able to confirm it with two different people.  I have installed vCAC 6 many times, but never with vC so not sure how that will change the install – now or in the future.  Also, since I have not done this it means I have no suggestions on best practices around this.
  • VUM was not upgraded as part of this, so if you mistakenly install it you will actually remove VUM – unless you notice what is happening or remember what I wrote here!
  • I had – maybe in 5.0 or 5.1 – not been able to use Simple Install so I didn’t.  No big deal, but it does mean – in 5.5b again that I cannot use Simple Install to do the upgrade.  No big deal, just do 1) SSO, 2) Web Client, 3) Inventory Service, 4) vCenter and you are likely done.  Order of operation is important.
  • I had a small issue.  But it turns out to be not a reason to panic – thus my sharing.  When I did the Inventory Service upgrade, I thought it finished.  But it didn’t completely start and I went on with vCenter.  So in the middle of the vCenter install I got a message from Inventory Service saying it could not install since something else was being installed.  I hit no keys, waited until vC finished than let IS finish and restated and all was good.
  • Build Info – is a little confusing.  The build for vCSA is 1476389, and for vC 1476387.  However, the vC build is actually for what VMware calls internally VIMISO.  So the build of the ISO that you download and install vC from.  When you install vC, and look at the vC Summary page, in the Version portlet, you will see 1476327 which is the build of vC.  I have no appliance any longer so I cannot confirm, but I believe that this would be true for it as well (certainly was in the past).  You see the appliance build on the Release Notes page or download area, and yet you would see a different building after you log in and check as I have mentioned above.  See below for where you can see the actual vC version.

vC Version Info

  • After upgrading the vSphere Web Client you get a message about letting it settle for a bit before accessing it.  Definitely true!  Nice they put a message though which I believe was not there in the past.
  • After the upgrade, vC Ops v5.8, VDPA 5.5.5, Log Insight 1.5, and VMware Infrastructure Navigator (VIN) v5.8,  continued to work as expected.

As you can see in the release notes this is a big release.  Lots of fixes.  The upgrade is not hard or painful, and there is lots to gain so I suggest that this is an upgrade to move too sooner rather than later.


Updated 12/23/13 1335 updated to include VDPA and LI.

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  1. Thanks Mike. Now that your useful notes is open to all (not just partner), I’ve shared your blog to the ASEAN user group (we have >1200 members in https://www.facebook.com/groups/vmware.users/). Let me know if you are visiting any of the ASEAN countries. Will make sure to let the SE and VMUG team know and organise an event.
    I did encounter one of the issue addressed in this release, so it’s nice to know it’s fixed. I updated 3 vCenter Appliance and all went well.

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