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Newsletter: July 8, 2017

Hello all, I hope that this finds everyone doing well? Enjoying the weekend, and too the past week? I had a pretty good week and got a lot of things done. I have finished a DR strategies white paper and

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Veeam and ReFS – how to make things work!

I have seen a lot about how cool ReFS is and how important – like Ricks article. I have not seen so much, certainly not in one spot, on how to make it work, and how to make sure it

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Veeam install and SQL error

Hi there, Just installing Veeam Backup & Replication (VBR) and using an off-host SQL server.  And I got an error: Now, I am not a SQL guy, but I can normally make it work.  So from this error I did

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Veeam and access to private and non-routing networks

Storage networks and vMotion networks should be private and non-routing. But when you do that – lately for me – people think that you cannot use NFS backups with Veeam. But you can in fact. Easy if you know how.

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How to backup / restore encrypted VMs in vSphere 6.5

Update – 5/25/17 – it has taken me longer than I had hopped but I have figured this out, and in fact an writen a Veeam technical white paper on it.  When I am done and things are good –

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How are Veeam backup files written?

Hello all, One of my co-workers at Veeam – a field SE – has written a short article that I quite like, and with his permission I have reprinted it here.  You can find his blog here and in fact

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Server Crash, then Veeam backups fail

Hi all, This is one of those things that will likely not impact you, but I write it down just in case!  I had, late yesterday, a vSphere host die.  This was in fact in the middle of a SureBackup

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