My VMworld session suggestions

These are sessions that the subject of the session or the speakers caught my eye.

Automating Ransomware Remediation with the VMware Carbon Black Cloud

This is session CODe2782 and I pick it due to Carbon Black. Not enough Companies use it to protect themselves from problems. So maybe this session will help that.

Migration in Action with Google Cloud VMware Engine

A lot of people are getting into Cloud but not realizing how much work migration is. Both presenters are excellent and everyone knowing more about migrating to the cloud is very good (MCL1764).

Best Practices for Running AI workloads in VMs on VMware vSphere

The presenters are first rate, and knowing more about AI is good for many (VI1459). I think more companies in the future will be using AI to answer questions.

VEBA Revolutions – UNleashing the Power of Event-Driven Automation

With William Lam on this one it means very good detail and knowledge in the session, but also good presenters. I have not yet used the VEBA but I will as soon as I can (CODE2773).

What is the Future of Cloud and On-Premises Storage and Availability

This is sort of a roadmap session but the presenters are good and it should be lots of good info for today and next year (MCL2590).

Ransomware Resistance and Recovery with vSphere Security

This will be a very much info filled session. One of the two presenters is Bob Plankers who I really like and think of as a friend. He is a very good presenter. This session is a must see for anyone worried about protecting their info (SEC1385).

Extreme Performance Series: Performance Best Practices

Mark Achtemichuk is one of the presenters in this and he is an extremely good performance guy. There will be lots to learn in this session. So there should be lots of good info on how to bring more performance to your users (MCL1635).

Advanced Troubleshooting with vRealize

This could be a very useful session for anyone who uses vRealize Ops to help out in the datacenter. And some good learning for those who don’t use it (MCL1271).

These are the ones that caught my eye. I hope you like them and learn.

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