Newsletter: July 10, 2021

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well. We are OK too. The world is getting rougher - more violence and more fires and other nature based issues. I do have lots to share so lets get started.

BTW, I almost did not share out this article on exporting system logs - as I thought all of us would know how to do that. But I share the article here in case it helps someone.

I contributed to Pete’s poll and it used in his article. Definitely an interesting list. Even the Honorable mention is too. I think that Pete is working on improving his list.

Have a great week,


It Admins can be a key enabler to an organizations App Moderniztion efforts

William has a great article on this and I completely agree that IT Admins can help a lot. Some really good points in William’s article.

How to backup vRealize Automation 8.x using Veeam

This article has a lot of good info. Depending on your version of v8 it will be easy or hard to backup.

Restrict Access with VMware Cloud Services Authentication Policiesl

This article shows you how to do some cool stuff with policies in VMware Cloud Services. It is definitely useful - I am sure you have people to keep out of your world in VMware Cloud Services.

Create a central VMware Tools repository

I have done this before and it was very handy. I liked it. This article shows you how to have a central repo for the VMware Tools.

Cloudian: Detailed How-to Deploy Cloudian Hyperstore v7.x on top of VMware vSphere v7.x

Jorge covers this off with both words and video in this article.

Veeam bare metal recovery to Synology Virtual Machine Manager

Very interesting article and if I had more of my lab working I would have loved to try this.

vSAN File Service & Kubernetes PV with an implicit quota

Cormac also works hard with his article to that we can learn and do. This article is dealing with quota’s in an interesting way.

How to Install Zerto’s Virtual Replication Package (v8.5U3P1) for VMware

Al has good detail in this article to install Zerto. Nicely done Al.

Passthrough of Intel Iris Xe integrated GPU on 11th Gen NUC results in Error Code 43

William has not be able to solve this problem but he has full details in this article, plus he will update the article as he learns more from the vendor.

PrintNighmare CVE-2021-34527- Patches

You can learn a little about this horrible exposure in this article. It will connect you with various links. Not all OS’s have patches.

Increase vSphere Security with VMware Carbon Black products

This article mostly talks about how Carbon Black can really help your security profile. It sounds very good actually, and I have also heard talk about it that was very positive.

How to modernize your vSphere Alarm actions using the VMware Event Broker appliance

William talks a lot about using VEBA with vSphere Alarms in this article. The VEBA works with events and these alarms are events too. Using VEBA with Alarms means better alarms. Using VEBA with Slack notifications is very cool.

“Invalid IP or Hostname” when setting up a NSX-V syslog

Matt has an interesting article that talks about the error, and a workaround but other things. Very worth reading if you are going to do syslog with an NSX-V Manager.

Postman Collection for Tanzu Mission Control REST APIs

Dean has an interesting article that is about doing code and using Postman kind of stuff which I think interesting and worth knowing.

How to Backup a VMware Virtual Machine (VM) with Synology DS 929+

AL shows you how to backup a VM to a Synology in this article. This is not something I thought Synology devices could do so it is cool to see how it is not that hard. BTW here is his article on restore.

For the Chief Transformation Officer: 5 Key components of Digital Transformation

This article is very interesting and useful. Lots to learn from it. Good writing style too.

5 tips for better business continuity and disaster recovery plans

This article is mostly about ransomware and preventing it. It is good read and lots you can learn.

Kubernetes Policy Comparison: OPS/Gatekeeper vs Kyverno

A very interesting article that also does very nice comparison charts. When it recomands product after all the writing you may agree with it.

Microsoft Develops Cryo-Controller Chip - Gooseberry - for Quantum Computing

This article is quite interesting to read even if I am not going to use the info yet.

govc object.collect - An essential tool for govmomi developers

Cormac has a very interesting article. I had to read it twice as I do not use govc or govmoi tools. But it could be very useful if I did based on this article.

Hands on: iOS 15 upgrades the Note with support for tags: here’s how the work

This article does a nice job explain this feature and the nice way you can use. The iOS 15 is in beat 5 right now so it should arrive as GA for soon.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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