Newsletter: July 3, 2021

Hello all,

I hope you all had a good week and were safe too. Good week here and safe too. i hope you liked my article on looking for tigers. We had a lot of fun with that trip.

I got my lab working but the next morning everything was dis-associated. VMs, datastores, vCenter. There was no storage or electrical outage. So I do not know what happened at all. Investigation time now.

BTW, if any one out has comments on the newsletter please don’t hesitate to share those commands via the newsletter comments section. My readership is down, and so would like to learn why.

I have a lot to share and I am short on time. Lets get started.

Have a great week!


vRealize Operations Dashboards Made Easy

You can find quite a list of videos to help with this. Here is the overview. If you don’t like video, here is an article that is in the middle of the series to teach how to do dashboards. I have heard this blog series on doing dashboards is fairly decent.

Unified Visibility Across Clouds with VMware vRealize Operations

This is a two page poster on what vROps can do with different clouds.This is quite cool as it is nice to have one list of VM’s as an example.

iSCSI IQN may have changed after upgrade to 7.0 U2

Duncan talks about a serious issue and helps you understand it and deal with it in this article.

Refreshing a VM configuration from a vVol Snapshot

Cody has a very interesting article on this and I think many of can learn from it. vVols is cool but not enough people use it so I think that can be fixed by people knowing more about vVols.

Configuring safe and secure connectivity to your VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC

Interesting article that does mention different ways to access your cloud and mention’s several different ones and than they mention the way that is best recommended. So a nice and educational read.

Deploying OpenShift clusters (IPI) using vRA Code Stream

Dean has an amazing article will allow you to do what the article title suggests. Words and picture so most excellent.

Passing JSON into vRA Code Stream CI Task - MalformedJsonException

Dean an another very interesting article which shows a problem and a solution.

Cisco Validated Design (CVD) for Flashstack Data Protection with Veeam

I sort of like Cisco Validated Designs and this one that will help with protecting data is pretty nice. See this article for more info.

Creating a Windows 11 Virtual Machine in vSphere 7

Al describes this process and includes lot of screen shots. See the whole deal in this article.

How to Encrypt your Mac, iPhone and iPad backups

I think this article is quite useful. I think more people should be using encrypted backups.

Apple finally lets users download Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion for free

These are old OS’s and if a users wants to re-install now they can for free. See this article for the details.

Recovery from Ransomware? Lets look at Pure Storage and Veeam

This is an interesting article that can help with understand more about Ransomware and how Veeam and Pure can really help - a lot!

Windows 11, is TPM required and how will it work in the Cloud?

An interesting article that also shows you how not to have a TPM in your hardware and yet things work.

Collaborative Innovation in Open Source

This article is about open source at VMware and it is interesting.

Veeam: Detailed How-To Create an Immutable Back Repository using Cloudian and Veeam v11

Jorge has an amazing article that will help make an immutable repo which means nothing can accidentally hurt it.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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