Newsletter: June 12, 2021

Hello everyone,

I hope this finds you safe and comfortable. My week was exciting since my pain meds did not work. I still do not have vC running in my lab. I have some great stuff to share. I hope you enjoy what I have collected as it takes me a lot of time to get this done.

In the last newsletter I mentioned it was a very bad idea to have vCentres or ESXi hosts on the internet. Here is an article about what is happening - WRT vCenter and there are other bad things out there too.

Have a great week,


vCenter 7.0 U2: “Swap File Location” cannot be changed to a different datastore

This article explains the problem, both now and in the future, and provides a nice workaround too.

How to restrict vSphere UI access while maintaining vSphere API functionality

William does a great job of explaining this oddness, and how you sort of do this too. Not supported mind you though.

Can I deploy both Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) and vSphere with Tanzu on same vSphere cluster?

William asks this question and supplies the answer too. It is pretty cool in fact.

Dreaming of Simplifying your IT Operations Across Hybrid and Multi-Clouds?

This is an interesting infographic with some good points on it. It identifies problems, and suggestions for success too.

Using vROPs to track adoption - such as VMware Tools upgrades

Dean has an excellent article to show the rate and number of VMware Tool upgrades. The upgrades are important so this is pretty cool.

How to Set up the VMware Remote Console (Windows and Linux)

This article will help you learn more about the Remote Console that VMware has and is quite useful.

VMware is an Easy Button for Multi-Cloud

This article is pretty good and has good suggestions too.

The Cost of Cloud, and the Need for a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Another article by Kit and most interesting. I have talked with customers where cloud ended up being much more expensive than expected. Kit has some interesting suggestions in the article.

The Ins and Outs of the VMware vCenter Converter [With Demos]

I have used the Converter tool and the tool before it so many times. In the early virtualization days I converted a lot of servers. I always asked if I could rebuild in vSphere but was early days and people were nervous so the converter tool was used a lot. Here is an article that teaches you about using Converter. One important thing to remember after you convert a physical machine to clean up the VM - remove any software that was connected to the hardware for example.

VMware vRNI: Monitoring networks across multiple Clouds

This article give you a good look at vRNI. I have seen it used and it is very powerful and useful so it is good to learn more about it. I plan on having it in my lab and will write about it from a BCDR point of view.

Testing In-Service Upgrade for HCX Network Extension Appliances

This article will educate you on upgrades of HCX which will provide choice to you when you do your own upgrades

How to Accelerate the Journey to Kubernetes and Containers

Kit talks about this quite well in this article. I am not convinced this new technology is good for everyone. So be careful.

Three ways VMware App Volumes improves your app management experience

I do not have much experience with App Volumes but this article does a nice job of introducing and explaining. Good info as I think is an amazing tool.

How to deploy the VMware Appliance for [email protected]

This article will help you get some Folding appliances working at home and that is a very good thing!

SDDC.Lab v3

This article talks about scripts that do automated deploy of nested SDDCs. Sounds very cool.

SquaredUP Dashboard server and Veeam VBR v11 Rest API

This article will help you get a dashboard of what is happening with VBR.

When Your’re Told an AirTag is Moving with You

This article has some good info that people should know so that if you get the message an AirTag is moving with you, you will understand and know what to do.

How to enable, find, and play Spatial Audio on Apple Music

I am not sure if I could tell the difference between the norm for the last bunch of years and this new form, but I am excited to try. Here is an article that is quite helpful.

Apple Keynote at WWDC

The keynote was pretty good. And all the improvements in products even better. I think a lot of the improvements will be a little difficult to find and use. Here is a collection of links from the event. Here is more info on iOS 15. This article talks about the features that Apple customers said “Finally” during the keynote in SlackBITs. Here is an article that covers all the new features off - in little detail. Here is another article about all the new feature but with a bit more detail.

Disrupting Ransomware and Dismantling the Cybercrime Ecosystem

Interesting article about the big picture of ransomware attacks. Some good suggestions too. I am glad it is getting more attention. It is serious stuff.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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