Newsletter: May 1, 2021


I hope everyone is still healthy and watching out for their safety. Things seem to be getting worse. I am glad people like my newsletter as it is a lot of work for me, especially now I have ALS. Evernote is also making this newsletter much harder to do so it is getting replaced.

I have all the parts of my lab now, and just waiting for a cabinet in the basement for it. Will take a few days to make it all work, once I have the cabinet. I have a detailed task plan I am working from. If anyone is interested I will be happy to share it once I am done.

It is very cool that William and Duncan are doing a community purchase project.

Lets get started!


vSAN 7 Update 2 RDMA Support

John has a very interesting article about a big change in vSAN. I love vSAN and wish I could ran it at home.

ESXi 70 Update 2a now GA

This is U2 done without the crypto bug and here is the release notes. When you upgrade this KB article may be helpful.

VCSA 7.0 Update 2 Upgrade issue - Exception occurred in install precheck phase

William talks about this issue and even a workaround - though in production call support - in this article.

Why does Deploy OVF Template operation show vpxd-extension-[uuid]

An useful article from William as it shows you how to tell who is deploying a new VM from template.

Introducing the vSphere Virtual Machine Service

Since U2a is out now I thought I should share this article again as it talks about some major new stuff.

Introducing Virtual Machine Provisioning, via Kubernetes with VM Service

A very interesting article about this new functionality. This is amazing stuff.

Upgrade VMware Identity Manager 3.3 to VMware Workspace ONE Access 20.01

This article will help you update / migrate.

VMware Horizon: remove Desktop Pool stuck in deleting state

If this happens to you this article will help. It is good info to have!

Views: Business Hours and not only in vRealize Operations 8.4

This article talks about some new features, and I like the idea of business hours.

How to test scripting in PowerCLI with vCenter simulator

Interesting and helpful article. I remember being introduced to the simulator long ago.

Let’s be Precise: Enabling and Configuring Precision Time Protocol in vSphere

Very interesting article about this new feature - thanks much for this Deji (I hope you are same Deji I used to know long ago!).

vCenter error 400 failed to connect to VMware Lookup service

This article talks about a problem, shows some good troubleshooting and then a solution.

vSphere with Tanzu - SupervisorControlPlaneVM stuck in state NotReady

Learn more about this issue, and the troubleshooting around it too in this interesting article.

Shiney New #VMware #VCP-DCV2021 Study Guide!

You can learn about this new guide and get a PDF copy of it from this article.

Enrolling a Backup or New Device for Duo

Al has a useful and interesting article to help you in this area.

Synology DS1621xs+ - Part 3, SSD Read / Write Cache acceleration

This article series is easy to follow, but the cache addition is quite important.

Update Your Mac Now: The “Worst Hack in Years’ hits Apple Computers

Learn more about this in this article. But update your Mac first if you haven’t yet.

Apple Releases iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5, macOS 11.3, watchOS 7.4, and tvOS 14.5

Learn a little more about the new releases in this article. I have updated all my devices, especially my Mac, and all went smooth. Of course the watch update is always without my involvement which is very cool.

iOS 14.5 walkthrough - new emoji, Apple Watch unlock, AirTag support, and more

This video can help you learn about the new stuff in iOS 14.5.

How to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch in iOS 14.5

This cool functionality is very handy, and easy to enable. Find out how in this article.

How to tell Apps NOT to track you in iOS 14.5

This article will help you learn about not letting apps track you!

How to use your iPhone and Apple TV to calibrate your TV’s picture

This article will help you learn how to do this calibration thing.

How to encrypt a Mac Storage device

This article will help you with encrypting and I think that is a good idea for us all. My Mac’s HD is encrypted using FileVault.

Thanks for reading, or skimming this far!


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