Newsletter: April 10, 2021

Hello everyone, I hope that this find you safe and healthy. COVID is getting a little out of control in Canada, and our vaccine program is not going well so my wife and I are staying home or if we have to go out we mask up and lots of hand washing happens. Due to my ALS I might die if I got COVID so I am careful!

I have heard recently that my lab is delayed so I will have to wait longer to have a lab at home. I have bought a very nice lab from I really like the options they have for computers, and the people there too are very nice. The lab I have bought is to play with BCDR software and other stuff too. This give me more time to work on my plan. But it is detailed enough now, and everything is ready.

But I have, yes, a lot, to share so I should get started.

Have a great week!


New Release - PowerCLI 12.3

You can learn about this new release in this article. Looks like a nice upgrade.

New Release - Horizon 2103

I find the new version numbers confusing but here is the release notes on this new version.

What’s New in VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

You can learn more about this in this article. I have shared this before but in a Slack channel I heard people talking about it and they were not quite right.

Disaster Recovery That Can Scale

This article talks about VMwares BCDR strategy. I remember when I was at VMware they had none and asked me to start helping them with it. It was however very low key at the time. I am very happy to see how far they have come!

VMware Cloud: An Architectural Guide

You can learn more about VMware’s cloud in this article.

VMware Cloud on AWS Release Notes (SDDC Version 1.14 31 March 2021)

Get all the details in the release notes.

vSphere Native Key Provider backup not working

Duncan explains this issue and the solution too!

VCF SDDC Manager Not Showing ESXi Bundle

This article shows a problem, a solution, and implementation of the solution too! This is something other people could run into.

Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) Enhancement for vSAN Stretched Cluster

Learn more about this in this article. Sounds like some nice changes.

AND and OR Rule in Storage Policies

Cormac has the scope on this - which is good as I did not know about this functionality either.

Task “Delete a virtual storage object” reports “A specified parameter was not correct”

Cormac is looking at the vSphere Velero plugin and hit an issue. But it is an interesting article if you are thinking about backup for Tanzu.

Automated Lab Deployment Script for vSphere with Tanzu using NSX Advanced Load Balancer (NSX ALB)

William has a new deployment script which is just amazing. Learn more in this article. Thank you William for all you do for us.

Install Older vRealize Automation Version (8.0.x)

Matthias has an article about installing an older version of vRA and it is pretty interesting. Matthias is very smart so any articles by him are normally useful and interesting.

Community Networking Driver for ESXi

This was updated recently to fix a PSOD issue when using an Intel vPro on a NUC 11. Thanks to William for pointing it out.

vSphere Mobile Client

I have not used this client for a while but it was pretty useful and darn cool. They have updated it a few times since then. Check it out here.

Overview of Backup and Restore options in vCenter Server 6.x / 7.0.x (2149237)

I have heard people talking about backup of their vCSA so I thought it would be good to share this KB article.

VMware VCSA root password is expired and how to update

This is something that is relatively common. I turn of the expiry of the root account password so I don’t have problems. I still change the password but on the schedule of something else.

Creating a File Repository on a vVol datastore with PowerShell

Cody talks about how to do this - this time with PowerShell - in this article.

Delivering Applications with VMware App Volumes 4

If this is something you wish to learn more about, you can do that with this book.

The things I learned today: Horizon Cloud Connector deployment specifics

If you want to make work the Horizon Cloud Connector this article will help.

Google Cloud VMware Engine - Learning Resources

A very good collection of learning material that Simon has put together can be found here.

VMware HCX - Types of Migrations

It was good to see this article as I did not know the range of migrations that HCX could do.

Pure Storage and Equinix Metal-as-a-Service

A very interesting article by Cody. Seems like quite the service!

What is PowerShell and Why Use It?

This article covers off the history of PowerShell and where it came from along with the rest of the stuff. That is why I shared it.

Talking Virtual Reality with Today’s Teens

This article was good to see as some of today’s teens I know are not this cool.

Veeam v11 Proxy Feature Comparison

This is quite useful info as it can help you decide which proxy is best for you. Check out the article. Linux have had some features added in v11.

v11: The Veeam and NetApp Innovation Continues

This article is interesting, plus it can remind you of some functionality that has been improved.

Installing Veeam Agent for Mac via Microsoft Intune

You can learn about installing the Mac agent in this article. I think it is very cool you can now backup Mac’s with Veeam.

Synology DS1621xs+ review

A nice review of some Synology hardware. I like Synology and have one myself.

How to remove GPS location data from photos on iPhone or Mac

I think that this is good info to have. It is a good idea to not have location info on pictures of your home or kids, or even rhino’s.

How to get back ‘Other’ storage on the iPhone or iPad

This article can help you get storage back!

Using WireGuard on macOS

I have used WireGuard before - in fact a security guy I used to know said it was one of the best tools to use but it was a bit complex to setup. Here is some help from a cool dude I used to know.

Over 500 Million Facebook Accounts Compromised

This article does a nice job of explaining what happened and has some suggestions.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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