Reset Ring for new owners

Hello all,

We are selling our house, and I am going to leave behind the Ring doorbell as I think people will like it.  But I need to leave it in a mode that they can take it over. So that is what this article is about.

  1. Removed shared users
    1. Settings (in the app)
    2. Users
    3. Shared User Profile
    4. select Remove User
  2. You need to remove your payment info from the Ring web site.
    1. After you log in on the web site, you can find our credit card info after you select Account in top right corner.
  3. Contact Ring support to cancel the plan.
    1. Use the Ring support page use the Chat option.

Once that is done, the new owner needs to download the app and complete the setup of the Ring.

Hope that this helps!


=== END ===

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