Newsletter: February 13, 2021

Hello all,

It was very exciting to get back into the vExpert program.  Congrats to everyone that made it. Here is the announcement. This is important to me as I am retired and have a lot of time on my hands! It is time to start building out things in my lab, and to update licenses too! I think it may be a week before all the bits and licenses are ready for us.

Thanks to Rick Byrne, and Josh Wagman as they have a cool program to provide lab gear to people that donate to ALS Canada in my name.  I can assure you that ALS needs the help. You can see more info in this article. Thanks Rick and Josh, I really appreciate this.

BTW, I added a pain section to my ALS articles in case you are having pain like I am.

I was lucky to spend a few days in a timeshare in the mountains.  Timeshare means we do our own cooking and don’t see or talk to many people which keeps us, and them, much safer.  It was crazy cold, but was nice to look out serious mountains.

You may have heard complaints on the M1 Mac from Intel.  I have an M1 MacBook Air and I am super impressed with it.  It is wonderful.  The amount of time I do not have to plug it in is outstanding.

But I have some good stuff to share and so, lets get started.

Have a great week, and stay safe!


Top Use Cases with VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery
This article talks about the VMware Cloud DR solution.  And I like it better than some cloud solutions as the VMs will be running in the cloud the same way as on-prem which makes things easier to manage and make work.

VMware Cloud Director Availability - Provider Recommendations and Architecting Guide
This article is short but also has a link to a much more technical guide in this subject area.

What’s new in NSX migration for VMware Cloud Director 1.2
You can find the answer to this question in this article. Migration tool is quite handy!

New NSX-T 3.0 and 3.1 guides
You can find them via this article. I think, the complexity of NSX-T - to me anyway - would mean these guides could be very useful.

Duplicate VM UUID because of VMware Cloud Director
You can learn more about the problem, and a fix in this article.

Horizon VDI - Calculator - Photos - Edge Not launching for users - Windows 10
This article talks of an issue where the apps mentioned in the title are launched AOK in the template but not for users and then a workaround to allow them to launch.

vSAN 7.0U1 - Object Format Health Warning After Disk Format v13 Upgrade
Cormac has an interesting article that is very good info to know if you are running vSAN. I wish I could run vSAN in my lab.

VMware vRealize Suite 8.3 Released
This article has a nice breakdown of what is in this release and what is new. This is a big release for sure.

Upgrading to vRealize Operations 8.3
This article starts with introducing what is new, and then takes you though the upgrade.

6 ways Application Requirements Drive your Infrastructure Decisions
This whitepaper may be quite informative and hopefully useful. But it is not a surprise to me that applications are driving infrastructure decisions.

Build Day TV with VMware SD-WAN
Alastair does a really nice job with these things so if you wish to learn more about SD-WAN find it all right in this article.

Why the Oracle Cloud can run VMware vSphere under total customer control - L2 Network control!
This article is short but interesting. I have not met anyone that use the Oracle Cloud so I don’t know much about it.

VMware Core Security Guides
You can find help for securing your vSphere environment here. Good Info and something really worth doing these days.

Evolving the VMware vSphere Security Configuration Guides
Bob talks about the process of security and also about what has changed in the latest version of the security guides.  Great info!

Security Tips for Organizations With Remote Workers
This article provides some tips to help you secure your environment with remote workers a little better.

OPS117:PowerShell Deep dive
You can learn a lot about PS in this deep dive found via this article. I have heard good things about this education.

PowerShell Cheat Sheet: Connect to Microsoft Cloud Services (Az, AzureAD, Exchange, Teams)
This article shows you how to connect via PowerShell.

Searching Active Directory Logs with PowerShell
This is a very handy skill to have! Here is the info on how to do it.

VMware Cloud on AWS migration from N-VDS to VDS
William shared out this article and I think it worth sharing out more too. Some interesting changes in VMC.

SDDC Import / Export for VMware Cloud on AWS
This new fling is pretty cool and I see how it could be pretty useful too. Here is a blog article from the author of this new tool.

How to Give Presentations and Demo Apps in Zoom
Just in case this info helps you can see more in this article.

Configuring FlashArray Offload to AWS S3
Cody has a very interesting article that is pretty darn cool.  Offloading from an array to S3 is amazing.

SAP DB2 Databases backup with Veeam
This article shows you how to use freeze and unfreeze type scripts with Veeam backup to make the databases easily and safely backed up.  Good info to have not just for SAP and DB2 but you might use it elsewhere too.

v11: NEW GFS retention coming soon
This article talks about a new feature coming to v11 of VBR.  It is great news as I like GFS.

An Expert Guide to SQL Server Performance Tuning
I would not normally share this whitepaper out as I do not know if it is good or not, but I recognize one of the names of the authors and know that he is a smart SQL dude so I am sharing it this time.

Review: Photos Takeout lets you easily export your iCloud Photos to an external drive or NAS
This sounds like a very cool app - it lets you export pictures from iCloud and put them on your desktop or a drive.  Nice way to get a backup.

Top 8 Backup Plugins for WP
Thanks to Bob for sharing this article. It is interesting and I think many bloggers should check it out. I cannot install any of these as my WP host controls what plugins can be used.  I can select from their list only.

Critical VMware VMSA -2020-0026 Explained and covered
You can learn more about this security advisory in this article from Runecast.

Apple Cash guide: What it is, how it works, and what it costs
If you are curious about Apple Cash - like I was - this article can help explain things.

Best VPN services: Reviews and buying advice for Mac Users
In this time we are in I think it is a good idea to use a VPN when you can so this article will help you pick one. It is not for everyone as if you do nothing important or critical on the web you don’t need a VPN.

How to check if an unexpected prompt for your Apple ID password is legitimate
This does not happen to me but I have heard of it happening to others so this article is very helpful!

Apple patches Sudo bug in macOS Big Sur 11.2.1, supplemental updates for Catalina and Mojave
This article talks about this update, but it is a good one to do since is solves a serious security issue.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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