Newsletter: January 30, 2021

Hello all,

I hope everyone had a good week and stayed safe. In my province we have rural people who are starting to visit / host private events and of course that is where most of the COVID comes from now. With the new variants of COVID it is becoming more dangerous. It was a good week here, and I got some things done in the lab - still fighting with View mind you.

I wanted to let people know I have a number of BCDR articles that you can find with the BCDR tag. Some of them are about using features in Veeam Availability Orchestrator which is an amazing DR orchestration product, but many of the articles are about general BCDR knowledge. I think you may need this knowledge more in this coming year.

I am having fun building a Saturn 5 lego rocket that my Friends from VMware gave me.  I just saw a picture (thanks to Brock) of what it looks like when finished and I was surprised - it is pretty big.

I did not find as many technical VMware articles this week.  So a smaller newsletter with a wider range of stuff.

Have a great week, and stay safe,


How long does it take before a host is declared failed?
Duncan breaks this down very nicely in this article.  Very good info and Duncan presents it well and reminds us of important points too.

vCenter - Exception in invoking Authentication Handler user password expired
This article will help you change your password for root on your vCSA when it has expired.

Fix: Unable to register plugin vRealize Operations Tenant App 2.5 for VMware Cloud Director
You can learn more about this issue, how to investigate it, and a potential workaround too in this article.

Server Lifecycle made easy with vSphere LifeCycle Manager
You can learn more about this tool, and one of the features where you enforce all servers to have the same image in this article by Pete. Has a video too.

vSAN Encryption at Rest & in transit: What is the difference?
This article is a nice introduction to encryption in vSAN.

How to use Harbor Registry to Eliminate Docker Hub Rate Limits
This article and video will help you avoid rate limits with the Docker Hub.

A visual guide on troubleshooting Kubernetes deployments
I think that this guide may be quite helpful so check out this article, if you work with K8s that is.

New VMware Validated Design for Cloud Providers for VMware Cloud Director 10.2
Find out a little more, and a link to the design in this article. Validated design means things work better, and are easier to support by VMware support.

Top 20 articles for EUC, December 2020
I share this article as I had to use one or two of these articles myself!

PowerShell: Securing Passwords in scripts by encrypting with the security identifier (SID)
If you want to encrypt password in a script, which is good, you can find out in this article.  It has a link to securing passwords with certificates as well.

Using PowerCLI to update ESXi license
This is pretty handy in those big shops that have hundreds of hosts.  Find out how in this article.

Why Choose VMware Virtualization for Kubernetes and Containers
Kit talks about why it is best to do Kubernetes with VMware in this article and I quite agree with him. I hope you agree after you read the article.

vSphere Software Asset Management Tool
This new fling will do an inventory of your vSphere assets as well as the licenses and produce a nice report for you.

Apple adopts new ‘BlastDoor’ security system on iOS 14 to reinforce iMessage integrity
This article talks about this new functionality but it sounds really good to me and it really helps the security of the OS on the iPhone.  Very good stuff!

Hush: Noiseless browsing for Safari
I learned about Hush in this article, and installed and tested it.  It is good indeed!

Command to install VMware Tools on Ubuntu using terminal
You can see how to install the tools at the command line in this article.

Corellium now offers iOS virtualization tool for individual subscribers
This article talks about this new change.  I had to do some research to see what this was.  It is for developers, and bad guys, who want to test code on an iPhone model they do not have so they can get a virtualized one from Corellium.

What the Gamestop saga is really about
There is an article by Jake that talks about what the Gamestop saga is really about and it makes good sense to me. Jake and I worked at DataGravity together and he was a cool guy and quite smart.

Advice to those suffering the pandemic’s isolation from a 30+ year tech career that has been there…
Chris has some great suggestion in this article that can be very helpful if you are getting frustrated and isolated in the pandemic.

Windows 10 Antivirus: What is it, and is it good enough?
This article will answer the question and provide additional info.

Apple releases HomePod Software Version 14.4 with new handoff experience, more
You can find out more on this new release in this article.

watchOS 7.3, iOS 14.4, iPadOS 14.4 and tvOS 14.4 Address serious security exploit
Here is more info on these updates, but it is important you update now if you have not.  The security issues fixed are serious. I have updated two Apple TV, one iPhone 11, one iPad Pro, one iPad, with no issues and no impact after the update.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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