Newsletter: January 23, 2021

Hello all,

I hope everyone is well and safe.  I need to apologize about the confusion I caused.  I will continue to do my newsletter, but until I can get some help medically for my focus issue, I will not do technical articles.  Which I have not done for a while since I don’t have vExpert status for bits and license.

I did two articles on ALS recently - one that was about living with it, and I want to thank everyone for the very nice comments.  As well, I got a gift from my VMware friends, and it showed up on a very bad day for me so it was wonderful to get.  Thanks very much for that, it means a great deal to me, and I will show pictures as it comes to life.

Lots of interesting stuff to share, so I should get started. I am helping with dinner tonight - I will cook the steaks.  You would not believe the quality of meat we can get at our favourite store and at prices we can afford too!

Have a great week!


DK World War II Visual Encyclopedia - Be aware!
I bought this book via Amazon and it is pretty darn good.  I like it’s organization and the detail is pretty good.  I also fact checked a few things and they were right.  But when I got to the end of the book I was very surprised to not have one mention of Canada.  Canada had a big role in WWII and it was completely missed in this book.  I have complained - email bounced mind you, but I will try and convince them to update.

How to grow your blog/youtube channel/podcast/social following
Duncan has some great ideas about growing your following in his article.  It is hard work but worth it, and there is no short cuts.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Awarded Cyber Catalyst Designation
I believe this is big news for Carbon Black and you can see more in this article.

VMware’s Tanzu Extends Across All Security Layers in Kubernetes
More info on this can be found in this article.

Kyverno: The Swiss Army Knife of Kubernetes
Chip has a very interesting article on this utility and I think it pretty handy.

How Advanced Cross vCenter vMotion Works
You can learn how to implement this feature in this article.

How to use the PowerCLI ESXi Image Builder
I used to use the Image Builder a lot - but that was a very long time ago - so these instructions are pretty handing.

Quick Tip - How to retrieve deleted VM history?
This very cool article will help you understand when VMs were deleted and by whom.  Very cool William!

VMware Skyline: What’s New
You can find out what is new in this amazing tool via this video.  Sorry no article.

NSX-T Manager: Increasing API requests per second
This is normally something I would not recommend - it is not good to change API limits, but in this article the author has several other products that use the API so I can see why it needs changing.

NSX-T Part 7 - VM Connectivity - How to Check it works?
This article will help you answer this question.

NSX-T L2VPN with API’s and Python
Find out how in this article. This might be quite useful.

NSX-T Distributed IDS/IPS Configuration
This is very cool functionality in NSX-T and you can find out about the config of it in this article.

VMware vRealize Network Insight 6.1 Released
This new release has quite a range of new stuff and you can see it in this article.

Deploy Container Service Extension (CSE 3.0) in VMware Cloud Director 10.2
It is very cool that containers are part of vCD now.  See more in this article.

Provider Networking in VMware Cloud Director
This article is full of great info.  The author is seriously very smart in the vCD space. If you work with vCD you should follow him and his blog.

ESXi NVMe-oF Namespace IDs, LUNs, and other identifiers
Cody has a very interesting article about NVMe type stuff and it is really good.

E100-9W - A new fanless Supermicro “NUC” platform
William has the picture and details on this interesting platform in this article.

Advanced Design VMware vSphere 7.0 Exam (3VO-21.21) Study Links
This article has a number of links for study materials that reference the test above.

New VDI Calculator (HTML) debuts today!
Andre has a new VDI calculator out and you should check it out if you are a VDI person.  Find out more in this article.

Export VMware Horizon Sessions to CSV
If you would like to do this you can find the script and info here.

vRealize True Visibility Suite Essentials: Bigger, Stronger, Faster Dashboards using vRealize Operations
In this article you can get some help to do your first custom dashboard.

VM Troubleshooting Dashboard
You can find out useful info of a VM with this dashboard so I think it pretty handy.

Future Forward: Cybersecurity 2021 Predictions
Some interesting thoughts in this article and some decent comments and ideas.

What is a DDoS Attack? How do I stop one?
Some good info in this article that should help you better understand a DDoS attack and how to stop it. This is important enough you should play with it in a lab so that you really understand.

Remediation and Hardening Strategies for Microsoft 365 to defend against UNC2452
This article might be able to help you with hardening your MS 365 but also finding out stuff.

From MFA to Zero Trust ebook
You can find it in this article. Zero Trust is what we all need to be working towards.

Signal Provides Secure Cross-Platform Replacement for WhatsApp
This article will explain things nicely, but it is right, Signal is a better choice then other options as it is more secure and that is more important today than in the past.  And in the future too.

Set yourself up for security success in 2021
This article has some good ideas about security and I do like 1Password and use it on all my devices.

Five Ways Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam ONE are perfect together
Melissa has nice info on VBR and ONE in this article.

Veeam Hardened Linux Repository - Part 1
You can learn how do hardened linux repo in this article. I still use SMB for a repo and I think it is mostly SP that use linux repos.

Best XLR Microphones for Podcasting
You can get some ideas on which XLR microphone is good for you in this article.

NOVID Provides COVID-19 Early Warning System
This article explains the app and it sounds pretty interesting and useful.  I don’t travel much any longer so not sure what it will do for me but I am going to download it and see how it goes.

Hail to the MagSafe: A deep dive into Apple’s new wireless charging connector
If you have an iPhone 12 this article will help you learn more about MagSafe if you are curious.

How Linux was ported to the Apple Silicon M1 Mac Mini
This article explains how Linux came to work on an M1.

How to use Messages to share your screen in macOS
I had not idea this was possible but I sure see the value of it.  See how to do this in this article.

[Update: New for January] Best USB-C and Thunderbolt displays for Mac
Some very nice monitors are mentioned in this article. If you are looking for a new one this list could help!

These are the best applications for sleep tracking with Apple Watch
You can find the list of apps in this article. I rather charge my watch at night.

How to reserve Time Machine space on an APFS drive
Not sure if this is a good idea or not, I suspect not, but if you want to learn how to do this you can see in this article.

How to share Location on iPhone
I suspect most of you know how to do this but it is very good for kids to know so they can more easily ask for help. So teach them.

Apple shares 9 tips to take control of your privacy on iPhone
This article shares out the tips but I disagree with using iOS to generate passwords as I think you should use 1Password for that.

Everything you can ask HomePod and HomePod Mini’s Intercom to do
Find out in this article.  This is an interesting feature and you can REALLY surprise people with it.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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