Newsletter: January 9, 2021

Hello all,

I hope everyone is well and safe?  I had an interesting week as I had two days in the mountains.  Looking out the window to see mountains and going for walks was wonderful. It was a very isolated experience though as you had to stay in your room if you were not outside. But it kept people safe so that is good.

While I was out my new server arrive, so going to get it ready and add it to the lab. Should be fun.

I seem to have a lot to share so lets get started!

Have a great week,


VMware Horizon View - Kiosk mode
I have used kiosk long ago at a beta event I think and it was quite handy. It let people check email or sports scores (as I recall) and so it was handy. Here is an article to help you with kiosk mode. It looks like it is much more structured than what I did.

NSX-T Architecture in vSphere with Tanzu - Part 2 - MultiSupervisor Shared T0 vs Dedicated T0
Some good NSX-T info in this article and  think most of us can use help with NSX-T.

Free e-book: Migrate to VMware NSX-T Data Center
Eric has an article that reminds everyone about this free e-book and I bet it is handy.

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) Demo Appliance 12.1
William has updated the TKG demo appliance and has the details in this article.

Enable the Harbor Registry on vSphere 7 with Tanzu
This article will help you with this task!

Using a Kubernetes Operator to query vSphere Resources
Cormac has you covered in this article with all you need to know.

Troubleshooting vRealize Operations Networking
Some useful info in this article on troubleshooting with vROps. I have not often had to troubleshoot networking issues with vROps but it is good to have this info just in case.

Sizing your migration using vRealize Operations and Supermetrics
This article is quite interesting and helpful. It is so impressive what you can do with vROps.

vCenter failed to configure network
This article will help with a problem and a workaround.  It is odd though as I have not had this problem nor have I heard of it before.

What’s New for vSphere UI and plugins in 7.0 Update 1
An interesting article that is good for dev staff but also people that want to learn more.

Can’t have more than 255 characters in VM notes using the vSphere (H5) client
Duncan has the story on this in this article.  Nice to hear you can do more using the API.

Migrate Workloads using Advanced Cross vCenter Server vMotion
This video will show you how this works!  Pretty cool.

vSphere 7 U1 Tagging Best Practices
You can find the guide in this article.  It will be very helpful when using tags at scale or via code.

Record and Reply vSphere Inventory using govc and vcsim
William talks about in this article how it is possible to make a copy of your vCenter and then use API against it. I can see that as being pretty useful and handy!

Running Python and Terraform against a simulated vCenter environment with vcsim
This article is pretty cool - using terraform against a simulated vCenter!

How to Migrate from vRealize Automation 7.x to 8.2 Today!
Not sure if you should do it today! But this article talks about the migration utility and what is new in 8.2.

Essential Enterprise Storage Concept
This ebook was done by Stephen Foskett and is pretty darn good.  Find it right here.

Logitech Brio Webcam issues with autofocus and not retaining settings on Mac OSX
Duncan talks about an issue with the Brio that sounds good enough to not buy the Brio.

Detecting duplicate VM MAC address using vCenter Server Alarm
This is one of the things I did for customers when I was setting up their environment or when I was in fixing things. William shows you how in this article. BTW, here is an article about alerting on duplicate IP’s.

Microsoft plans to replace Outlook for Mac with web-based version
I hear with the last update to Outlook on the mac it is pretty darn good.  To hear it will be replaced with a web page is too bad but it could be pretty good too. See a little more about this in this article.

New vVol Replication PowerShell Cmdlets & Managing vVol Storage Policies with PowerShell
Cody has new cmdlets and some info to help with them - here is the new cmdlets, and the info on other cmdlets. This will be really good for Pure customers!

Migrating applications to the Cloud; Rehost, Refactor, Revise, Rebuild, or Replace?
This is an interesting article as I have had this conversation with customers many a time. Moving to the cloud is sometimes easy but mostly hard.

Researchers Find a Faster, More Efficient Way to 3D Print
This is an interesting article and I hope people keep making improvements in this space!

Qi and Magsafe - Everything an iPhone user needs to know about wireless charging
This article goes fairly deep and shares a lot of info. You should check it out if you are doing wireless charging.

How to set do not disturb on HomePod or HomePod mini Intercom
Not really DND but it could help. Learn how in this article.

Best iPhone apps to enhance your experience with Apple Music
This article will share with you some different apps to listen to music with.

How to boot an Apple Silicon Mac from an external drive
This article will provide info on this subject and help you be successful.

10 must-have apps for your new Apple Watch
This article has a good selection of suggested apps for your watch. Including a very rude weather app.

How to know if your iPhone is waterproof, and what that actually means
The what that actually means is important and it is discussed in this article. Best to avoid your phone getting wet.

What to do about Apple devices and iCloud content when the owner dies
This article will enlighten you and help you understand what to prepare for.

Removing Flash
Here is Windows help, and macOS help.

How I use Home Assistant: Part 1 - My Setup and Part 2
Christian has his part 1 and part 2 up and they are quite interesting.

A Beginners Guide to Nebulon Cloud-Defined Storage: Part 1
Clint has an article on Nebulon that will help make sense of it.  I was curious where he ended up and here he is!

Best antivirus for Mac: Get the best protection from viruses and malware
This article talks about what is best and how it was tested.  BTW it says Sophos Home Premium is the best.  I use BitDefender and it works good but it does sound like Sophos is the way to go.

Windows Authentication Process for Cisco Duo Mobile App
This article I shared out a couple of weeks ago will get the Duo app installed. This article will help you with testing.

Forget About Terrorism, Have You Met Cybercrime?
Interesting article about cybercrime and good info too. There needs to be education company wide in many places. I think we cannot forget about terrorism however.

Why You Should Implement Zero Trust Security
This article is about why you should have zero trust security and I think due to our current circumstances it is a darn fine idea.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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