Newsletter: December 26, 2020

Hello all,

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas - if you do Christmas that is.  I know many of us were not able to have our full family with us due to Covid-19 restrictions but I hope you still had a safe and a very nice Christmas!  We did not have my dad and his wife over, but we still had a very good Christmas.

I did a brief article about what I think is going to happen in the next year.  It is not technology or IT related.

BTW, you can get a discount when you buy Runecast if you follow the info in my install article on Runecast.

I have lots to share so lets get going.

Have a great week, and Happy Holidays!


Advanced Cross vCenter Server Migration Integrated in vCenter 7vU1c
This article breaks down this release nicely, and talks about the cross vCenter functionality as well. You can find the vCenter release notes.

Upgrading HCX Manager via API
If you want to upgrade the HCX Manager with an API this article is for you.

NSX-T Enhancement - Shared ESXi and Edge Transport VLAN with a single uplink
This article will show off this new functionality.

vSAN Fault Domains | Some Design Thoughts
This article shows you some good thoughts around fault domains and it is good to think about them.

An Overview of Application Monitoring with vRealize Operations
An interesting article on doing application monitoring with vROps which is better than virtual machine monitoring. I love this feature!

vRealize Log Insight Not Connected to vCenter Servers after Upgrade
This article details a problem and a solution - and in very few words too!

VMware Event Broker Appliance (VEBA) v0.5.0
William talks about this new release in this article.  Very cool stuff. I should get it into my lab and write about it.  I think it is very useful.

A Hitchikers Guide To SRS 1.0
You can learn more about the SRS, and get it working with this article.  Quite interesting stuff.

ASRock AMD “NUC” Gen 2 platform
William talks of this platform in this article.  It is about an AMD NUC sort of.

GPU passthrough with ESXi on the Apple 2019 Mac Pro 7,1
William has an article on this subject. It has good info on what works and doesn’t.  Also asks for input too.

Storage Units within VMware Cloud on AWS
Some good info and learning on the subject of storage units in this article.

The New Normal of Work from Anywhere is Here … and SD-WAN and SASE Make it Possible
A simple article on this subject is a good reminder of what can be done. I think it is worth doing since there is likely going to more pandemics.

Announcing the General Availability of Container Security in the VMware Carbon Black Cloud
This press release is good news for many customers I think. The idea of security for containers is very good.

VMware Carbon Black: Cybersecurity under “inconceivable strain” in 2020
Interesting article and I agree that things are going poor.  More defense in depth is important.

Cisco Duo Authentication for Windows
Al has an excellent article to make the Duo work but also educate along the way.

Apple publishes safety guide for protecting against others accessing your data
Apple has done a very nice guide to help people protect themselves. Learn more about it, and access it, in this article.

35 free macOS apps every Mac user should have
This article talks about the 35 free apps. It is a slide type article BTW.

How to restore a previous version of your Pages, Keynote, and other documents in macOS
I did not know that these apps did auto-save, and that you could in fact access those versions but this article explains it all.

AppleCare+: Everything you need to know about Apple’s extended warranty program
This article will explain AppleCare+ which is pretty nice warranty program.

HealthView: Your Go-To Apple Health Dashboard App
This review is of an interesting app that will present your health data in a different, and perhaps more useful way. I have gotten it and am checking it out.

Why Backup OneDrive for Business
This article talks about OneDrive and backing it up. Veeam to the rescue!

CyberPower SL700 standby UPS review: Great for keeping your home network going during power outages
This article is a review of this UPS and it sounds like a good one. Good for your Mac or PC but not a group of servers though.

The Mysterious Hard Drive
This is an interesting story about someone who has a new drive which has the history of someone else on it.  I have seen this happen too.  It is why I taught all my customers in the old days to erase drives, or hit them with a hammer a few times.

NSA Warning of On-Premise to Cloud Attacks
This article talks about those kind of attacks and has a link to mitigation techniques.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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