Success Criteria - for VMware hosts

Helllo all, I used to use the test below before I told clients there new servers were ready for hosting virtualized apps. I also use it in my lab too and I thought it might be helpful for other people so I am adding it to my blog.

  • Run VMware’s memory tester overnight. It is not around any longer so I use memtest. It is important to not use built in tools as they do not test as well.  And since VMware uses all the memory and it is important this test is key.  Pass?
  • Now unplug a host and see if all the VMs on it start on another host. Pass?
  • While VMs are starting up on another host, some of them should likely be vMotioned to another host.  Does that happen? Pass?
  • Now with your hosts all hosting VMs, you should put one host in Maintenance Mode.  Then once it is in MM do the same thing on another host.  You should see lots of vMotion.  Pass?
  • Now you should try right + clicking on a VM and select migrate and make sure it can have its storage and host server changed.  Pass?
  • You should confirm that logs are being sent to a central log server - like Log Insight. Pass?

These tests actually test a lot.  Shared storage, network, configuration.  If you add tests to them let me know as I would love to know more tests and I will start using them.

If all the Pass is yes, you are good to go.  You can start using in production or provide it to a customer.  But if there is any No’s you need to investigate.  Often in my experience it is configuration related issues.

If anyone has suggestions or comments I would love to hear. I will update this doc as I learn new stuff.


=== END ===

2 thoughts on “Success Criteria - for VMware hosts

  1. Hi Michael,
    Great reminder. Honestly, gotten away from memtest, need to figure it out for newer servers today with usually 256-512 GB of RAM. Flakely memory causes some very odd and hard to figure out problems.

    1. Thanks Tom, I prefered using the VMware test tool for memory but it is gone. So memtest86 seems like the best thing. I have used it with no issues on 256 GB servers with no issue.


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