Newsletter: November 21, 2020

Hello all,

I hope everyone is good today?  A good week I hope too and you and your family are healthy and safe too! We are good here.

Today my new shared storage for my new lab should arrive.  I bought one of the TrueNAS Mini units so I am excited about that.  I am tired of running my VMs locally - when I patch it is a pain to deal with.

I have a new Apple MacBook Air - M1 edition and I am very excited about it.  I wrote an article on it, but I can say battery life is amazing and it is very fast in everything!

I now hear so many people talking about DR, but so often the words they use, and what they mean are not really DR. If you need help with DR make sure to get a specialist who can prove their experience.  They should have stories for you about DR failing, and succeeding and some of the things they look into.

I do have a lot to share today, so lets get sharing!

Have a great week!


VMware ESXi 7.0 U1b now GA
Here is the release notes. Looks like mostly a security and fix type release.

How to build a customized Raspberry Pi OS Virtual Appliance (OVA)?
William has the info in this article to build an OVA that is a Raspberry Pi system.  Very handy and cool!

ESXi 7.X - Host cannot enter maintenance mode - WTF
This article describes a very odd situation, and even more odd workaround. There must be more to this issue.

vSphere HA reporting not enough failover resources fault with stretched cluster failure scenario
Duncan covers this very nicely in his article. Quite interesting.

How to login to the vCLS VMs!?
Not sure why someone would need to log into the vCLS VMs but Duncan has the info in this article.  He does mention it is not encouraged so don’t do it if you don’t need too!

VMware: How to extract Temperature info from ESXi for ARM, send it to InfluxDB, and display it with Grafana
Jorge has this covered for you in this article.  Very handy info!

Cloud Director cells 10.1 and later failover methods
This article is quite interesting for vCD people and educational too. In my previous experience there was no failover possible so it is cool to see this improvement.

VMware Cloud Foundation 4 Accelerates the Hybrid Cloud Journey
Melissa covers off this release of VCF and what it is and what it contains.

Cloud Connectivity 101
This article attempts to educate you about what you will need for cloud connectivity when you move to the cloud.

Metering in UM 4.x
The vCloud Usage meter has been updated and you can see a little bit about it in this article.

Practical Privacy Best Practices - Part 1, Firefox
Ray has an interesting article on privacy and what we can do.  It is a good subject as we all should keep better control of our info and what we do on the web.

Install Kubernetes on VMware Photon in 15 min. or less!
This article will help you get K8’s working on Photon which is pretty handy as it runs in a variety of places.  And all working in 15 minutes is cool too.

Quick Fix: vSphere with Tanzu - virtualmachineimage No resources found in namespace
Anthony has an article that will help you understand this issue, and fix it too.

vSphere 7 with Tanzu - Getting Started Guide
I have heard several people say how much they liked this guide so hopefully it can help more people out now.

Why am I seeing HTTP communications status 404 error when configuring vSphere with Tanzu & How to fix?
William has the full details on this issue and how to deal with it as well.

Quick tip - How to use Apple Thunderbolt 2 Ethernet adapter with ESXi 7.0 or greater
William has the info in this article on how to use that Thunderbolt adapter.

Adobe Flash Player End-of-Life and VMware Horizon
You can see in this article more about this subject.  If you are running current Horizon you will not be impacted - but if you are not, then you will so time to upgrade!

How to Load Balance Horizon
There is some good info on the subject in this article but it is missing the detailed how to do it.

StarWind VSAN for VMware - New build released
You can learn more about this build and this product in this article from Vladan.

5 Best Practices for Micro-Segmentation in your Cisco Data Center
This video will help you with reducing complexity and do effective micro-segmentation (in a Cisco environment).

How to run [email protected] on Kubernetes
I used to run a bunch of [email protected] in vSphere but that was easy, so I think doing it in K8’s might be a little hard so it is good to have some help from this article on it.

Backup and Restore Kubernetes Applications using Portworx
David has an interesting article about backing up of K8’s apps and that is good as there is not as many choices in that area as many of us are used to in Windows and Mac.

MSIX Packaging Fundamentals
You can learn more about MSXI in a detailed PDF you can get from here.

CleanMyMac X updated with macOS Big Sur compatibility and new widget
I am a big fan of CleanMyMac and I used to have it on my Mac.  I should put it back I guess.  But in this article learn a bit about a new version.

How to use Safari Translation in macOS 11 Big Sur
I was wondering how to do this so it was good I found this article.

How to use the new Safari Start Page in macOS 11 Big Sur
It is quite a start page and being able to tweak it would be nice and that is where this article comes in.

How Apple Silicon on an M1 Mac changes monitor support and what you can connect
This article will help you understand the differences with an M1 but I am working on this newsletter with my new MBA M1 and a Thunderbolt large monitor and it all works great.

MacBook Air M1 review: An absolutely stunning debut for Apple Silicon in a Mac
This article talks a lot about the M1 MBA - the same one I bought in fact.

Yeah, Apple’s M1 MacBook Pro is powerful, but it’s the battery life that will blow you away
This article is another review of the M1 MBP and it talks about the battery too which is important and not enough have measured or talked about it.

M1 benchmarks prove Apple Silicon outclasses nearly all current Intel Mac chips
Find out the details in this article.  I really like my M1 MacBook Air! I have seen a lot of benchmarks in the last few days and they all say the same thing - the M1 models are very fast and more so than the Intel chip ones.

The M1 Macs
This article is a pretty good writeup on the new Mac with lots of good points and it may help you understand why I bought one.

Here’s how to run any iOS app you own on Apple’s new M1 Macs
I do not have any iOS apps that i need on my Mac but when I do this article will help me do it.

How to Configure and Use Control Center in macOS Big Sur
This article can help with this new functionality which is pretty cool and from what I have seen not used much.

How to create a bootable macOS Big Sur installer drive
This is pretty handy if you have a bunch of Mac’s to upgrade and want it done pretty quick. This article has the details of a bootable installer drive.

macOS Big Sur: Guides, how-tos, tips, and everything you need to know about Apple’s new Mac OS
This article does actually have some good links and useful info.

iPhone 12 Diary: Night Shots, and early thoughts on the camera
This article has some great examples of night shots with the iPhone 12.  I have found my iPhone 11 does some very nice night shots too.

How to switch search engines on macOS and iOS (and why you should)
This article can help with you selecting new search engines and implementing them too.

How to manage iTunes Store and App Store subscriptions
This article will help you with subscriptions in iTunes or the App store.  Too bad it doesn’t help with Apple One subscriptions.

How to securely dispose of your old Mac
This article provides very good info on preparing your Mac to be deposed of.

OCSP Server impacted Big Sur upgrades
Some of the upgrades to Big Sur last weekend did not work due to an overloaded OCSP server. As a result of this there was some very bad press about the OCSP server and it was all untrue. Here is one short article on this, and here is a technical and deep article on it, plus here is a short article by Apple on this. When you know the truth you know that this is a good thing that protects us.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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