Newsletter: October 31, 2020


I hope everyone is well and safe.  We are doing the locked down thing in our house now due to the rise in our province of COVID-19 issues.

My wife and I are moving to a single floor house to make it easier on me, and as a result I need to improve the quietness of my lab. I don’t have shared storage right now, but I was going to buy on eBay an R710 and add disk and then use Nexenta for the shared storage OS - that has worked great for me in the past.  But that is big and a bit noisy.  I found small and quiet with iX systems and I will write about what I get when I get it. They had some great options with excellent prices and really nice service too.

I have been thinking about what to write about once my lab is complete, and I have decided I will write about Tanzu, and vRealize Automation.  I will, of course, still do upgrades and newsletters.

But, as you might expect, I have things to share so lets get started.

Have a great week, and stay safe,


How to workaround “Update install failed. vCenter is non-operational”
I had the error message above when I tried to upgrade vCenter.  I checked that DNS, NTP were good, and I restarted the vCSA but no change.  Then I found Paul’s article and it worked and updated work.

How to backup your vCSA
If you want to do a file based backup, or if you want a scheduled backup to happen, then I have an article that will help.

vSphere HA configuration for HCI Mesh!
Duncan helps you with the HCI Mesh environment around HA in this article.

vSphere 7 U1 Core Storage Enhancements
You can learn about the enhancements in this article.  I love how snapshot and deletion stun times have been reduced. They have also reduced the time to Storage vMotion VMs to vVols - which is much appreciated.

vSAN Capacity Management in v7.0 U1
Cormac helps us with the changes in vSAN v7 U1 and capacity management in this article.  Some interesting and useful changes.

Upgrade from vSAN 7.0 File Service to U1
You can find out how to do the upgrade in this article. I remember when the file service was still only a discussion item but I thought it sound really cool.  I wish I had the lab to play with it.

vCenter Server 7.0 U1a released, compatible with SRM
Duncan lets us know that 7.0 U1a is now compatible with SRM which means lots of customers can now upgrade!

Demo Time: How to delete the vCLS VMs
Duncan has an article with a video that shows you how to delete those VMs but also a link to learn more about them too - which is important actually.

ESXi 7.0.1 Looses Access to USB / SD-Card
This article sounds like they had a very odd problem, and an interesting fix to it too.

Top 10 new vSphere 7.0 features
A nice list of the new stuff in 7.0.  There is so much new in 7.0 it is amazing but there is a lot of useful new stuff which if very nice!

USB Network Native Driver now supports ESXi 7.0 Update 1
William has the info on this good news in this article.

vCenter is not sending email alerts
This article will help you troubleshoot vCenter mail issues. I really like the mail enabled alerts in vCenter.

Automated Nested Lab Deployment on SDDC Part 3: Google VMware Cloud Engine
William provides good info on doing this, along with other related info, in this article. It is interesting stuff.

How to build a vROps dashboard for tracking VM growth over X days
This is a very cool idea for a dashboard, and it is excellent that Dean has also show us how to build it, or download it from too. Very nice Dean!

VMware Advanced Monitoring for Horizon Powered by ControlUp
I have had a few people ask about ControlUp as they knew I had it in my lab before I sold my lab.  It is very powerful and useful around VDI.  You can learn more about it in this article. I really like this software as it does what it says - really helps to monitor and manage View.

Adobe Flash is going away, is your VMware environment and IT Organization ready for it?
William has some good points and reminders in this article.  If you still need flash for your interaction with VMware products you need to do some upgrades!

Managing USB Devices with Bitdefender
I saw this article when I was looking at Al’s web site. It brought back an immediate deluge of memories as I have done this very thing before for a client.  BTW, I got the latest version of Bitdefender working on my Mac which is running beta Big Sur which is pretty handy. It was the free home version of Bitdefender.

VMware vSphere Grafana dashboard
You can learn more about this excellent dashboard in this article.  Jorge did a very good job on making it!

Zoom begins rolling out end-to-end encryption, but you’ll have to give up certain features to use it
This article talks about the encryption and details around it but what is really interesting is how many features are lost in this first release of E2EE. But it is a good start as we need more encryption in our lives.

Three ways to gain visibility into the protection of your cloud workloads with Veeam ONE 10A
Melissa has a very interesting article about ONE and backup monitoring on-prem and in the cloud which is pretty cool and handy. Nice article Melissa!

Tanzu Kubernetes 1.2 Part 1: Deploying a Tanzu Kubernetes Management Cluster
Cody has a very nice article on deploying and it can be very helpful as there is so much to do.

This week’s top stories: iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro release, iOS 14.1 features, iPad Air, more
This article has a very nice collection of links to other articles so it makes things easier if you are looking to learn something specific.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro: A roundup of reviews
In this Tidbits article you can see a bunch of mini reviews and some of it is good to know!

Apple One: What you need to know about Apple’s services bundle
This article does provide additional info on this Apple One thing, but not where to get it.  I think I can save money using Apple One but I need to confirm that. I found this article does the how. The whole Apple One thing is a little confusing and it is too bad it is not more informative, and with easier interaction.

Microsoft Office for iPad gets updates for trackpad and mouse support, start screens and Ribbon
You can get the full story on this in this article. I have heard from a few people that the updates are really good.

How to send large email attachments on iPhone and iPad
This article helped me out recently.  It is sort of easy when you figure it out but the article helps to reduce the time to figure it out.

How to use Motif to create the perfect photo book
Motif was the service that Apple used behind the scenes when Apple would do a photo book for you.  But they have an extension to help you do the photo book now. I want to do a photo book but I am running the Big Sur beta 10 on my MBA and it means the extension does work for me. But this article will help you do a photo book.

Too Many Home Screens in iOS 14? Here’s how to hide them!
This article was very helpful for me. It can be helpful to simplify the home screens.

How to remove HP printer driver ‘malware’ from Mac
This article will help you deal with this odd issue. It is not malware but someone cancelled or forgot to sign some code. BTW, here is some background on this issue.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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