Newsletter: October 10, 2020

Hello all,

This is try 2.  I apologize about try 1.  I really do not like the new editor in WordPress or how it has changed other things. I thought I had figured it out and then I had a blank newsletter which to me was not blank and had lots of work in it.

I had a nice week at home, but lots of frustrating work in the lab.  Things are really not going well for the lab and I.  I did get some great help to recover some VMs thanks to Mark Verhagen who was able to help with a 64bit laptop which the Veeam Extractor needed. Being retired, and trying to do a lot of different lab things really sucks. No one to talk things over with - but thanks to Mark for the help.

I have a variety of things to share this week so lets get started.

Have a great week, and stay safe!


ESXi vSphere 7.0 Update 1 is now GA
Here is the release notes, and bits. Here is the official article on the release.

vCenter vSphere 7.0 Update 1 is now GA
Here is the release notes and bits. Here is the official article on the release.

Announcing the vSphere Security Configuration Guide 7
Bob talks about this handy new guide in this article.

Missed VMworld 2020?
If you did miss VMworld, this article has some good suggestions for sessions and even the links to them too.

Announcing GA of vRealize Operations 8.2 and vRealize Operations Cloud
This article details the new stuff in 8.2 and it is quite the list. The additional integrations list is pretty good!

vMotion Performance Study
You can see in this article the link to the study but also additional resources.  Good info!

How to View vCenter logs
Melissa shows you how to find, and download and search the vCenter logs in this article.  And even a nice search command too.

PowerCLI module for managing vCenter Single Sign-On (SSO)
William talks about a new PowerCLI module in this article that should be pretty handy.

VMware Now offers SASE - Why/How/What
This article explains something new from VMware I had not heard of, nor seen anything of it at VMworld.

ESXi on ARM Fling is Live!
William talks about this exciting development in this article. Here is Williams bill of materials article that is quite helpful. Here is the official blog article from VMware on this new fling.

Notes from the lab: Microsoft ADFS and VMware UAG
This article will help you with ADFS and the Horizon UAG which is a likely connection in many enterprises.

VMware Dynamic Environment Manager (DEM) configuration
This article will help you get your DEM configured and in use. I have done a lot of View work but have not worked with the DEM before so this article is pretty handy.

In-Product Evaluation of vSphere with Tanzu
This article will help you do an evaluation of vSphere with Tanzu without reaching out to VMware for a demo license.  Pretty cool actually.

vSphere with Tanzu - Getting Started with vDS Network Setup
This article will help you get going with vSphere with Tanzu and that is good if you want to do an eval or use it in production.

Deploy TKG ‘guest’ cluster in vSphere with Tanzu
This article connects with good info on this subject but it also has a video too.  Good stuff Cormac!

How to SSH to Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) Cluster in vSphere with Tanzu
William helps you with this task in his article.

Unable to Sync vLCM Updates - Error: ‘integrity.fault.HostPatchInvalidVendorCode’
David shares a problem, and a workaround in this article.  I suspect others might find this issue too.

What’s New in vRealize Suite LifeCycle Manager 8.2
This new version has an article that talks about it.  I like how it supports VCF and VMware on AWS. Pretty handy.

Preparing for a vVol VMware Cloud Foundation Workload Domain with PowerShell
Cody has an interesting article with great info on how you can use PowerShell to prepare for vVols.

VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Protection Solution Competency & Additional Courses Now Available
This article talks about the competency and courses around Carbon Black.  If I was still a partner I would be all over this.

Deploy pfSense in VMware Homelab step by step
I know a number of people that use pfSense and quite like it.  So it is cool that this article is available to help you install it.

How to upgrade Intel NUC Gen8 to vSphere 7.0 Update 1 without losing network
This article is pretty handy as without it if you do the U1 update (on a NUC) you lose your networks.

Deploying Harbor on Photon OS
Interesting article to deploy the container registry on Photon.

Veeam Extract Utility - not new but now it is a standalone download
You can learn about the Extract Utility in this article.  I was using it to recover a couple of AD VMS while I was trying to rebuild my lab.  But my only Windows machine is only 32 bit it and you need 64 bit for this most useful utility.  Plus, the more processor you have it will go faster and I did not have much so it went pretty slow.

Enhancing Ransomware Protection: Announcing Data Immutability with Backblaze B2 and Veeam
This article talks about how you can have an additional layer of protection if you are hit with ransomware.  Your backups will be immutable - meaning they cannot be deleted or changed. Of course you can still use them to restore if necessary but you need to do it the proper way. I am a big fan of both Veeam and Backblaze.  I use Backblaze in our house for the cloud backups.

Your iPhone is not being secretly tracked by Apple’s COVID-19 contact monitoring
I have heard a few people disagree with this and I hope that this article helps set things straight.  Apple really is not tracking people by name at all.

How to use the new Camera app features in iOS 14
This article is pretty helpful with the new functionality in the Camera app after the iOS 14 upgrade.

Apple’s Health Records feature is a low-profile medical win in a year of losses
Not sure about what the year of losses is but this article talks about the Health Records that are in the Health app on your iPhone.  It is even in Canada and the UK now.

AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization- Encrypted State (SEV-ES) in VMware 7.0 U1
Very interesting article on this big step forward in security.  I hope to see it in other processors soon - like Intel.

What I’ve learned from 10 years of Blogging
In this article Chris talks about what he has learned in his long time of blogging.

These 24 planets Might be better places to live than Earth, Astrobiologist says
This article suggests there are better places to live. Considering how far these planets are away, and how hard it would be for us to get there, should there not be more research before anyone says they might be better?

Nearly One-Third of Covid-19 patients in Study had Altered Mental State
This article highlights another good reason that I wear a mask when I am out of the house and around people. I share it so that it might do the same for you.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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