Review: iMeshforce M3s Suite - Wifi

One of my readers reached out and asked me to review this Wifi - iMeshforce M3s Suite. They sent it to me and I have been playing with it. It was an easy install, and it did not take long (15 minutes or less) to have all three floors covered. So it was nice to have something easy to install and have it work pretty good too. One interesting thing is that when I connected my second device I did not have to authenticate.  My wife had to authenticate so it was either the second time, or me that made it happen. But it was handy.

I like how it was only a 239 CAD purchase for my household.  All three floors are covered and it is truly a mesh so no one has to re-connect when they change floors or areas.

Some interesting info - 6000 square feet coverage, true mesh so roaming without issue, the 5 GHz coverage is 802.11ac and can transfer up to 867 mbps which is very handy. This system uses WPA2-PSK which is good and they have a guest network - if you enable it - along with serious parental controls.

It has a nice app to do things like enable guest networks or parental controls, and do updates. But you do not need the app often. Things just work.

My contact has provided some links and codes to get you discounts.

Canada -
Code is MQQGWR6Q
Code is MQ336LC9

They are valid from 9/8/20 through to 6/30/20.

Aside from saying this works, I like how it is a very good deal - great value.

I should mention I was not paid to write this, but was given the hardware to use and test. Feel free to reach out and ask me questions if you are curious about something.


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