Newsletter: July 11, 2020

Hello all,

I hope everyone is good this week - safe and healthy.  I know in many places there is more Covid-19 infections and it is worrisome. My wife and I have been staying home as much as we can.  We do go for walks but not near other people.  Shopping we glove and mask up.  Definitely want to get through this with some good learning as I think it will happen again, and maybe worse.

In the next week or two I will have a big announcement. I hope everyone I know see’s it.

I have a lot to share this week, and I hope that everyone is safe and happy for the coming week.


The Importance of Isolation for Security
Bob has a most excellent article on security and it has most excellent suggestions and comments. Very good info!

A closer look at vSphere with Kubernetes Permissions
Cormac has an interesting article about permissions in the vSphere with K8’s space.  Good info!

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid from the tkg Command Line Interface
Cormac has an article about working at the command line and much more.

Enable MAC Learning as Default on vSphere Distributed Switch
Useful article for people doing nested vSphere.  But make sure to read the red text too!  Is quite important.

vSphere Replication Enhancements and Limitations
If you want to learn more about vSphere Replication this article can help.  It talks about the newer stuff.

Site Recovery Manager 8.3 with vVols and Automatic Protection
Cato has an interesting article that shows off the vVols integration with SRM.  Looks pretty good.  I love automatic protection too.

Custom notification and automation based on host failure in VMware Cloud on AWS
William talks about this interesting situation of a host down and use the VEBA to let people know.  Very cool stuff.

vSphere Bitfusion Now Generally Available!
This very short article says Bitfusion is now GA. It does have links to more info so that is good.  I think it is pretty cool - being able to share GPU’s is handy.

Official VMware Visio Stencils & Icons for 2020
I would have loved to have this when I was a professional services guy long ago.  My diagrams would have looked much more cool! See more about the stencils in this article.

The VMware Labs Flings Monthly for June 2020
This article has the new and updated flings and some info on each. Some nice handy stuff!

Comparison: Public Cloud-Hosted - VMware Cloud Foundation Services
This is a very interesting article in that it shows lots of the config info for the different services.  Very interesting and I can tell that Simon put a lot of work into it.

VeeamON 2020 Online - Event Recap and Product Announcements
This article covers off some of the VeeamON stuff nicely, and has links to more info too.

ProTip: Pseudo-anonymous Email
In case you need anonymous email this article can help. This is a very good article and has some very good info.

What’s New in Purity 6.0: ActiveDR
Cody talks about this new release / functionality in this article.  Sounds like interesting stuff.

From VS Code to Azure Pipelines - Basic CI/CD with Azure Functions
Nick has an article in his quest to learn Azure function that is interesting and helpful if you want to learn more.

Two methods to network boot Raspberry Pi 4
William has an article about how you can network boot a Pi.  Some useful info.

Working Around Docker Desktop’s Outdated Kubernetes Version
Scott has a problem, and workaround to share with you in this article.  Sounds pretty handy.

WWDC20 - Digging out what matters for Enterprise
This article from VMware is about the enterprise side of WWDC and it has some interesting points!

Apple Launches an Apple Card Web Portal
This article talks about - finally - a web portal to help with your Apple Card life.

What you need to know about Thunderbolt 4
This article will help you learn about Thunderbolt 4 and it is interesting - not what I expected.

Differences between Thunderbolt 4, USB 4, Thunderbolt 3, USB 3
This article has lots of good info and is helpful to understand the differences between the different versions.  Also has chart if you prefer.

How to Decode Apple Version and Build Numbers
If you need help with this - and I did - this article is a big help.

Everything new with Maps in iOS 14
In this article it talks about the major new features of Maps.  The EV support is pretty cool.

Everything new with the Photos & Camera in iOS 14
This article goes into good detail about the Photos app and the camera in iOS 14.  Some good and interesting updates.

Hands-on: 85+ new macOS Big Sur changes and features [Video]
This article and video talks about, and shows, new features in Big Sur.  This new upcoming OS is a big deal.  I have been using it for a while and I like it.

Every new feature and change in iOS 14 beta 2
I have no devices running iOS 14 but I have an iPad running iPadOS and it is pretty cool.  I would think iOS would be as cool but according to this article it may actually be more cool.

Apple Opens “Find My” Crowdsourcing to third-party accessories
This article talks about this and I think this is a big deal. I like Find My and I use it but if it could find other things that would be handy and cool.

Widgets and the App Library: A First Look at Bringing Personality and Customization to your Home Screens
The widgets on my iPadOS 14 is not as advanced as it seems on iOS but this article talks in detail on them and the App Library - which looks and sounds cool.

Apple releasing iOS 14 public beta today with redesigned home screen, widgets, more
Actually this was yesterday. But you can learn about the public beta in this article.  I have been using iPadOS 14 through two dev beta’s so far and I am happy and impressed with it.  However, I would still say don’t put it on your primary iPhone - just in case there is an issue with something you need.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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