Apple WWDC 2020 – useful links

I was able to catch the Keynote presentation by Apple at the start of WWDC. I was most impressed – there is a lot of new stuff coming to macOS, iPadOS, iOS, tvOS, and Watch. And what is being added is useful and smart.  It is some very big releases.  So I have both an MBA and an iPad running the new stuff now and I can confirm it is cool new stuff – and it is only the first dev beta!  But I wanted to learn more so I ended up with a lot of links.  Too many for my newsletter so I am doing this article.

I will add links as I find good stuff. BTW, here is a link to catch up videos done very well! As well it connects with session videos. Here is another link to the WWDC videos and it is a bit easier to use.


macOS Big Sur

iPadOS 14

iOS 14

tvOS 14

Watch 7


  • 6/26/20 – added some additional links.
  • 6/26/20 – first published.

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