Newsletter: June 5, 2020

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This newsletter is brought to you via Writing-On-Stone provincial park. I have a slight signal here so my SkyRoam little WAP is working enough to work on this. Out on PTO with my wife Angela, and we are experimenting with a CamperVAN  from Canadream to see if we like doing this sort of thing.

BTW, I am releasing this newsletter a bit early as I just found out that we are heading into an area where even phones won’t work.

Have a great week, and stay safe,


Announcing vSphere Bitfusion - Elastic Infrastructure for AI / ML Workloads
In this article you can learn about some new functionality from VMware that sounds very cool and useful for AI / ML workloads. I keep learning about cool vSphere 7 functionality.  It is an amazing release.

The ultimate vSphere Virtual Machine Migration Guide
Chip has an excellent guide on migration of VMs. It covers off the different options and gives you things to think about.

Unable to provision a vVol disk on a VM located on VMFS datastore
David has an interesting article on this issue and how to mitigate it.

How to replace vRealize Suite LifeCycle Manager 8.1 self-signed Certificate with a cert from Microsoft CA
It is good to have your own cert’s in use, and this article will help you with that in the vRealize world.

Switch to the Horizon Console Now!
This article will share with you some of the reasons why, but also I notice that each release of Horizon lately has included updates to the console so that is good.

Learning the basics of VMware Horizon 7.12 - Part 1 Introduction
This article is the start of a series that should be pretty informative and helpful if you need to learn more about Horizon.  I am very fond of Horizon and think it a powerful and flexible product.

NSX-T 3.0 Lab Single N-VDS Edge Nodes
This article will help with the implemention of edge nodes.  Seems like good learning material to me.

Using Unison Across Linux, macOS, and Windows
Scott has an interesting article of making this work.  I had no ideas software existed like this.  Cool stuff.

CloudBolt Software acquires SovLabs to help customers simplify their journey to the hybrid cloud
I was very surprised to see this PR.  I am a very big fan of SovLabs and I have used their products and know a number of their people.  I hope that this does not impact the SovLabs products as I know various customers who really like the products and they do a lot for the customers. Here is the SovLabs PR on this.

What is your backup strategy?
Here is an excellent article about how to think about your backup strategy.  It has a number of very good points and some good thinking for you!

Two Factor authentication on Veeam Components
This article will help you implement DUO 2FA in your Veeam world and that is a a good way to help improve security!

How-To: Wireguard VPN on the Raspberry Pi 4
This article will help you get started with Wireguard running on a Pi.  Wireguard is most excellent VPN software which I have used before and it is very fast indeed.

Kernel Vulnerability Causes Apple to Update all operating systems
Interesting article and it does suggest how similar all Apple OS’s are!

Apple Released tvOS 13.4.6
You can see more about this in this article, but I think it is a good update due to some security updates. BTW, the upgrade on my two Apple TV’s was with no issues.

Apple Released macOS 10.15.5
You can see more about this update in this article.  But again, I think that due to some security updates it is worth doing sooner. Additional info can be found in this article. BTW, on one MacBook Air the upgrade was no issue.

Apple Releases iOS 13.5.1, patching out the UncOver jailbreak
This article talks about why there was a 13.5.1 which again due to security is worth doing the upgrade sooner. BTW on one iPhone 11 the upgrade was surprising quick and easy.

Review: Moshi iVisor tames glossy iPad + MacBook with outdoor friendly matte screen protectors
This article is about these new screen protectors that I think are handy if you have the glossy screen and it bothers you.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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