Newsletter: May 9, 2020

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I hope everyone had a good week and is safe and healthy! Things good here. They are going to start loosing things up in Canada and I am a little nervous about that.  I think it is too soon.

I did a couple of BCDR themed articles recently – one article on ideas for accessing your failed over apps, and one article on practicing hard and doing sandtable exercises. I also updated one article called How to be successful with DR Orchestration tools. BTW, thanks to COVID-19 I am seeing a lot of BCDR articles that are crap. Mine are based on real experience and I have a lot of experience so I can prove I am a BCDR specialist.  And there is truly a lot of customers I visited with VMware that would agree.

I also had published a Technical Report on the Cleondris DR Orchestration tool and NetApp HCI. I have done updates on various since I joined NetApp but this is my first one done by me.

I have lots to share and some particularly good stuff so lets get started!

Have a great week and stay safe too!


vSphere 7 Cluster VMDK
This article is about a new feature in vSphere 7 – the clustered VMDK.

vSphere 7 – Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) Deprecation
Bob has an excellent article on this feature and how it is depreciated, but also how that is not the only thing to be aware of. Very good info Bob has shared.

vSphere 7 – Virtual Watchdog
This article is quite interesting and I think pretty useful.  Cool improvement and good thing Niels shares it as I did not know.

Quick Tip – Suppress new core dump warning in ESXi 7.0
If you have the core dump warning you can use the info in Williams article to suppress it.  Mind you, in production you should do a core dump location.

vSAN Best Practices Part III
Here is the article that is the third and final episode of vSAN best practices.

Keeping track of VCF and vSAN cluster driver / firmware
John has an interesting article about tracking firmware that is quite helpful.

Troubleshooting common dashboard errors on VMware View Administrator
I had to use this KB article recently to help with an issue in the Admin UI.  Thought it quite handy so I am sharing it in case it helps anyone else.

Introducing Advanced Monitoring for VMware Horizon Universal License Powered by ControlUp: A New Partnerhsip Towards Ensuring a Problem Free VDI Experience
I am very fond of ControlUp but this article caught me by surprise but I think it will be good for customers.  But it makes me wonder what is going to happen to vROps for Horizon.

Monitoring AWS Services with VMware vRealize Operations 8.1
This article can help you learn how to use vROps to monitor AWS stuff.  Very cool, since that means you can use the same tool you use to monitor on-prem and off-prem too!

Monitoring Devices Using SNMP in vRealize Operations 8.1
In this article you can learn about using SNMP and vROps.  I don’t like using SNMP any longer. There is often better ways now.

vSphere 7 with Kubernetes – 2 Node Lab Deployment
In this article you can find out more about vSphere 7 and running Kubernetes with it, and with 2 nodes rather than 3.

Troubleshooting tips for configuring vSphere with Kubernetes
William has a nice article on troubleshooting vSphere with K8’s and I have heard it is most useful.

Introducing support for automating vSphere with Kubernetes
This article talks about some of the automation you can do with K8’s in vSphere.

VMware [code] Power Sessions Online April / May schedule
You can see the events in this article.  Some have past but there are some that have not.

vSphere 7 with Kubernetes Network Service Part 1: The Supervisor Cluster
This article will help you learn more about the Supervisor Cluster for K8’s in vSphere 7.

vSphere CSI driver versions and capabilities
Cormac has an interesting article about driver files.  Good to know if you are in the K8’s space on vSphere.

Configure NSX-T Edge to run on AMD Ryzen CPU
William has an article about making the NSX-T work on AMD. It turns out that the earlier versions of NSX-T it was only supported on Intel.

VMware App Launchpad Customization
This article helps you with a new feature in vCD that sounds pretty cool.

Creating a vCenter Role for Veeam with PowerCLI
In this article you can find a script to do a Veeam role in vCenter.  A nice example.

What is Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure?
Michael provides the full scoop on this new product from Veeam in this article, and it sounds pretty good indeed.

VMware Cloud Services Status APIs
William’s article helps people understand how to check status of Cloud API’s.

Understanding the Tanzu portfolio (and the new names for VMware modern app products)
Cormac, in this article, talks about the names and he make things a lot more clear.

Complete CI/CD for Hugo on AWS with GitHub
Chip has an interesting article about some cool stuff he has done. Chip has done something pretty darn cool.

A New AWS Community Visio Stencil Release
You can find out more and where in this article.

You can find a lot of backgrounds to use with Zoom in this article.  Some should not be used!

BBC Backgrounds
If you want something a little different here is a collection of backgrounds from BBC.

Virtual Events – A Rimmary*
A nice article about virtual events. I think we need to do more of these and do them better.

Get your hands on VMware Test Drive
You can learn more about test drives in this article. This is very handy info!

Run Windows Admin Center on Windows Server Core
You can see how to do that in this article.  I like the Admin Center and I think it makes things a little easier.

Staying alive: background tracing & the NHS COVID-19 app
This British article about background tracing and contact tracing is good info.  Many of our countries are doing this sort of thing. So due to that I thought worth sharing.

13-inch MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air: Buy this, or buy that?
This article breaks done the details quite nicely on the MBP and MBA that are current now.  I have bought the MBA but have not gotten it yet.  Seems to be taking a bit. I really like the size and weight of the MBA and it is very powerful too.  With the ability in Catalina to use your iPad as an extra screen that is quite helpful too.

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