Newsletter: May 2, 2020

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I hope everyone had a good week?  It was good here, and some nice weather too so we had some very nice walks (and yes, kept our distance from everyone we saw).

I don’t have any articles of my own to share this week, although I am working on one that is quite interesting – Template Check in/out. I will be working on it this weekend though so hopefully in the near future you will see it.

I want to ask a small favor.  As rules on isolate and stay at home are relaxed, I am hopeful you could still be careful.  The potential number of people that are infected and without symptoms is huge.

Have a great week, and stay safe,


vCenter Server 6.7 Update 3g GA
You can find the release notes but this looks like there are some security updates. There is a lot of updates.

Deploying a minimal vSphere with Kubernetes environment
William has an interesting article about about deploying K8’s with the least vSphere resources. This is the quick path to being able to try out Kubernetes with vSphere.

Learn about vSAN Stretched Cluster Resilience in this Interactive Infographic
This article can help you learn more about Stretched Cluster. It has a cool infographic.

Inspecting vSAN File Services share objects
Duncan shows a little more about vSAN File Services in this article.  It sounds quite interesting, and I think the idea of vSAN File Services is pretty cool.  Wish I could have it in my lab.

vSphere 7 Content libraries – Part 1: Concept and creating a library?
This article can help you get start with content libraries.  Which I really like and recommend people use.

VxRail 7.0.0 is out
You can see in this article that vSphere 7.0 is almost available for VxRail now. Which is good since I really like vSphere 7.0.

vSphere / ESXi 7.0 GA work-around for GPU passthrough issues
You can learn more abut this issue and a workaround in Paul’s article.

Update on ESXi on Apple Mac Mini 2018 & Mac Pro 2019
William updates us on ESXi running on the Mini. Some very good news!

Configuring a VMWare Tools Repository in vSphere 6.7U1
This article can show you how to do this.  I have done this a lot in the past and really liked it as my Auto Deploy hosts booted faster!

vSphere Mobile Client App
You can find it here.  In the comments I see some happy users.  It is only Android right now but I think it will be iOS at some point.

The root account can no longer change permissions or executable files in ESXi 7
This KB article explains the title.  But this is a good change, better security.

Configure log forwarding from Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) to vRealize Log Insight Cloud
William helps you to forward your logs from TKG to the Log Insight Cloud. Which looks pretty good. And having all those different log in the same place, on the same time scale will be quite helpful in troubleshooting.

vRealize Log Insight Content Pack Marketplace and Updates pages fail to load content packs
You can learn about this issue and some workarounds in this KB article.

Top 3 Tips On-boarding Employees Remotely with BYO PCs
I am very impressed with this article.   The on-boarding in the middle of this shelter at home situation is so impressive.  I am jealous and envious.  If you are designing new on-boarding you need to check out this article as there is lot to understand work toward.

Virtually Painful Networks – How to increase Bandwidth for Remote Workers
This article has some very good points! VPN’s as we have used them in the past are not the best ways to do things now!

eero 3.19 update adds Dynamic Frequency Selection and WPA3 support
I use eero in my house and quite like it.  There is nothing to manage and I like how it lets me know there is new machines using it. This new update is a big deal and you can learn about in this article.

New KB articles published for the week ending 26th April, 2020
An interesting bunch of articles.  Gives you a good idea of what people are calling VMware support about.  Quite a range of articles.

My Favorite Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure Features
Melissa has an interesting article about the new Veeam software – Backup in Microsoft Azure.  I love how it will tell you have much the backups will cost.  And the ability to add it to the on-prem VBR console is very useful!

Terraform Plans, Modules, and Remote State
Chris has an article about starting with Terraform.  He also has a link to a Terraform article by Rebecca that is a very good introduction.

Microsoft Active Directory Documentation Script Update Version 2.26
You can see this script in this article.  It is quite useful as I have used it before and it works great.

Ransomware groups continue to target healthcare, critical services: here’s how to reduce risk
This article is full of good info on this subject.  It talks about how some attacks go, and what some payloads are and it also provides some ideas on protection.

KubeAcademy Tour
This is info on the Canadian tour of the KubeAcademy.  Good learning if you want to learn more about K8’s.

How New Zealand ‘eliminated’ Covid-19 after weeks of lockdown
This article talks about how New Zealand dealt with Covid and are on the other side of the situation and are starting to carefully relax things. The important thing to understand is when the stay at home order was given, everyone that was supposed to stay at home did stay at home.  Which is what allowed them to deal with things much faster than in Canada or the US.

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