Newsletter: April 4, 2020

Hello all,

I hope everyone had a good week and are safe.  Lots of isolation and much hand-washing I assume? I know and have seen many people that are in isolation like my wife and I.  But I see pictures of people still doing dinner parties and hanging out in groups.  That is what is helping the Covid-19 to last so long - and have such a death toll.

I have a few articles on the go, which I will try and get done soon.  I am writing my first technical report for NetApp Solidfire next week so that should be fun!

I did have published an updated NetApp Solidfire Technical Report - on vVols.

Have a great week, and stay safe!


vSphere 7 - Announcing General Availability of the New Generation of vSphere
You can see this article announcing vSphere is available. Glad it is out as i quite like it!

vSphere 7 now available!
You can find the Release Notes and the bits for vCenter and ESXi. I used vSphere 7 in the beta for a little while and quite liked it.  I like the optional and new UI for the vSphere Client.  I hope to have an upgrade article out this weekend.

vSphere 7 - Launch Recap & Links Week 3
Bob does his review of vSphere 7 in week 3.

vSphere 7 - Assignable Hardware
Another very interesting article on some new functionality in vSphere 7.  It is amazing that there is so much new stuff in 7.

8 Key Changes to vSphere 7.0 - Know before you upgrade
You can see what these changes are in this article.  What surprised me is no more image backup of the vCSA.  I know that no more VNC is a problem for others.

Homelab considerations for vSphere 7
William has a good article about thinking about vSphere 7 and its implementation.

ESXTOP in vSphere 7
Duncan talks of some new functionality in ESXTOP which is good.

vSphere 7 - Content Library
Nigel has an excellent article on what is new in the Content Library in vSphere 7.  I look forward to that check-in / check-out functionality for templates.  Very cool.

A first look at vSphere with Kubernetes in action
Cormac has an interesting article that is about what his title says!  Nice! Some nice overview of what is possible and some cool tidbits.

vSphere Supervisor Namespace
Frank has another amazing article that is most excellent learning!

CIFS for VCF and vSAN?
John has an excellent article with some nice humor and some good points.

Install and Configure vSphere Replication with SRM 8.3 on vSphere 7
Duncan helps us get vR and SRM working in vSphere 7. It is very cool that SRM is an appliance now. Cool stuff Duncan!

Creating a vSAN 7.0 Stretched Cluster
You can see how Duncan does a stretched cluster in this video.

New Release - PowerCLI 12
This new release of PowerCLI has an amazing amount of new capabilities - check it out in this article by Kyle.

Copyng files to and from vSphere datastore volumes using PowerCLI
This article was shared with me for moving files to and from vSphere datastores.  Very handy!

Really cool updates with OVFTool 4.4 and support for vSphere 7
William talks about some updates in the new version of OVFTool.

Nested ESXi Virtual Appliance
William has added a vSphere 7 virtual appliance added to his list of nested appliances.  Very handy!  See it here. This is where I get my ESXi appliances when I need to do nested ESXi. Much appreciate this William!

Quick Fix - No datastores after ESXi 7 upgrade on Supermicro with Intel Based SATA Adapters
When Anthony first mentioned this issue I was surprised as I have the same hardware and have been running ESXi 7 on it for a while.  So I was happy when this article came out. I think others might be impacted by this.

How to Deploy vRA 8.0.1 while dealing with the Built-in containers root password expiration
This article will help you get installed vRA when there is problems with root passwords expired.

Steps to Enable a Remote Workforce with Workspace ONE - Part 1
This article is a very nice overview of using Workspace ONE and its functionality to empower remote users.

VDI is Now deemed Critical Infrastructure, but are Organizations Ready for it?
Andre has a writeup on how VDI is likely part of critical infrastructure for many customers now.

Zoom updates iOS to remove code that sent device data to Facebook
I do not use Zoom on my iOS devices but it was a surprise to see this article on the issue in Zoom.

Truths and myths: What can and can’t protect you against COVID-19
This article has some good info on the silliness that people think will help them. But it also has good info on things that will actually help you.

Wyze firmware update lets you turn its security cameras into webcams
This article is quite interesting in how you can turn your security camera into a webcam, and back again!

Unlocking the Potential of Events for SDDC Automation - VEBA
And interesting video with some smart people about using events. It is part of the VEBA product.

Running Nested ESXi, NSX-V or NSX-T on top of NSX-T
William has an interesting article about working with NSX and Nested ESXi. This can help make things work for you.

Refreshing Test from Prod: vVol Automation & Pure Storage FlashArray
Jase has an article that is quite interesting. I also like his backgrounds too!

Veeam Backup & Replication v10 Patch 1 now GA
You can find more about this patch in this article. I had to stop the Veeam Backup service before I could apply the fix. It started fine after the patch install finished.

Set a static IP in Veeam PN appliance
If you need help with a static IP in PN Luca has you covered in this article.

New Disk Drive Encoding Scheme Solves Data Reliability Problem
An interesting article about some new disk drive tech.

Pluralsight - free skills upgrading in April
You can learn how Pluralsight is providing free skills upgrading in April in this article.  Very nice indeed!

9 Zoom Backgrounds to make you feel like you’re outdoors
Here is the article to get some nice backgrounds. Some great backgrounds for sure!

Building a Scalable Website on AWS (with Route 53, EC2, RDS & Cloudwatch) - Part 1: AWS Route 53
This article is quite interesting and can help you get start with a very educational subject.

Deploying VMware Folding at Home Fling via  OVF Tool
This article can help get the [email protected] fling working using the OVF Tool. The [email protected] service is a good one and it is wonderful that VMware is helping out.

How the Pandemic will End
This article is quite long, but a very good read and educational too.

What to do if You (or a loved one) might have Covid-19
A useful article to know about just in case. The Apple Covid-19 tool it mentions is not available in Canada but Canada has one that is pretty handy.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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