Newsletter: March 21, 2020

Hello all,

I suspect it was an interesting week for many of us.  Working at home for the first time, or working at home for the first time with your spouse and kids there too?  And how hard it is to get groceries and booze safely.  Seeing empty shelves at your local store is pretty uncommon. I heard locally this morning the distribution warehouse is full but it is the shelves are being emptied so fast the schedule is not so good at filling them. My wife and I had a serious chat last night and we think that Covid-19 and its impact will go on longer than expected.  So we will stock things up a little and ride it out. Covid-19 is really killing people, and lots of people sick so try and avoid that - isolate yourself and wash your hands a lot!

I was able to write an article about something I did in the work lab this week and it blew me away.  I was able to expand the size of the volume backing the VMFS datastore and then have the VMFS datastore expand. All while VMs were on the VMFS datastore and they did not stop working.  I did not know this was possible.  But it worked and worked good.  It was SCSI BTW.

BTW, vSphere Central has been updated, looks a little nicer and has vSphere 7 in it too.

Have a great week, and stay healthy!


Introducing vSAN File Services as part of vSAN 7.0
Cormac did a deep dive on File Services but Duncan has some good info and a demo too in this article.

Top-3 New Features in vSAN 7: #1 vSphere LifeCycle Manager
I like this new feature and I see some cool uses for it but here is Pete talking about it in this article. There is a lot to learn about in vSphere 7.

vSAN File Services - How to find the connection URL
John has an article that will help you find the URL which is interesting and useful.

vSphere 7 - vMotion Enhancements
I am most impressed with this article as it was great learning and interesting too.

vSphere 7 and DRS Scalable Shares, how are they calculated?
Duncan talks about this new feature in detail. Which is good as I needed the example to help me understand it better.

vSphere 7 - Launch Recap & Links - Week 1
Bob has an excellent recap of the vSphere 7 launch in this article if you have missed out on the launch.

What’s New in vSphere 7.0 Storage Part II: GuestInfo VirtualDiskMapping
Cody has an interesting article on some new storage functionality in vSphere 7.

7 NEW courses to get you ready for vSphere 7
You can learn about the new courses in this article. I wish I could take some of them!

Scheduling vSphere Pods
Frank has another very interesting and educational article that is very good for people that are going to go the route of vSphere and K8’s. I like it as it is interesting and educational!

VMware Horizon 7 v7.12 now GA
This new release has a number of new or updated features that are quite attractive.  I have not done an upgrade yet as I need to wait for the bits to be available via vExpert.  Here is the release notes, the bits, article on the new release, and a video on the new release.

Horizon on VMC - Consideration and setting up a lab environment
This article talks about View and VMC and making it work together.  There is a few more pieces to worry about than your typical View so this article is helpful!

Cloning PhotoOS and getting the same ip address when running DHCP
Duncan has an interesting issue and solution in this article.

Using vRO REST API to execute a workflow with SDK objects
This is quite useful stuff and William has done a great job explaining it all out in this article.

Compliance and security with vRealize Operations
This article is talking about how you can use vROps to do compliance and security which is pretty cool.

vRA Data Center on Demand with Terraform
An interesting article about using Terraform and vRA together.

What to do if you suddenly have to support 80% of Users working remotely
This article helps you think of what you need to think about if you all of a sudden have to support most of your workforce working from home. I think that this is pretty good and it should be read by a lot of people!

Virtual Desktops, Real Productivity
An interesting article about how Illumio has products that can provide privilege access to control access to apps in a VDI environment.

In Action - DSC Resources for VMware 2.1
Kyle has an interesting article about DSC resources. Very cool stuff!

Role-Based Access Control Now Available in Skyline Advisor
I am a big fan of Skyline and I sure wish I could have it in my lab!  But you can learn about this new version in this article.  Sounds like some great updates.

Managing Kubernetes at enterprise scale: A closer look at Tanzu Mission Control
This interesting article gives you a good look at what you can expect from Tanzu when it finally ships.

vSphere with Kubernetes 101 Whitepaper
Mike has an article about a new VMware whitepaper.  I downloaded it and found it quite interesting and nicely done. It will help you about K8’s and VMware.

Illumio Training Videos
Illumio is sharing out their technical training videos - 9 of them - for people to learn during this difficult time. Find out more in this article. Very nice of them to do this!

IBM extends its digital education resources to all for free
You can learn more about this generous offer in this article.

Work-form-Home Tips v1
Edward has an article that has some very good work from home tips.  Not silly, and not done by someone who has worked from home for a day, but done by a guy who has a lot of experience.  Good info.

Windows Server 2003 End-of-Life Survey finds nearly 1 in 3 companies will miss deadline, leaving nearly 3 million servers vulnerable to breech
Interesting article about how many Win2K3 servers will exist after EOL and how that impacts the security picture.

The 2019 Duo Trusted Access Report
You can learn a lot from this report in the area of zero-trust security and polices.

Who takes care of your tapes if you are not allowed to go to your data center!?
Good article about this situation and how to resolve it.  Really well done and I quite agree on the solution.

Veeam: What’s New in Veeam Backup & Replication v10 - XFS (Reflink) and Fast Clone Repositories in Veeam
Very cool article by Jorge that talks about some new stuff for Linux repo’s that is most excellent.

3 more reasons to love Veeam ONE v10!
Kirsten has an article about some new functionality in VeeamONE.  Great to know as it helps you keep an eye on your backup infrastructure.

Automated Tagging of VMware VMs & the Veeam Jobs that Use them
Matt has an article to help you get started with tags and Veeam using PowerCLI.

The Case for vVols and Ransomware
Cody has an excellent article in that you can learn more about Pure, and about Ransomware and how Pure can help.

Covid-19: Free tools to help
This is about technology products that vendors are making available for extended trails as an example to help out in these difficult times.

Coronavirus: Why Masks don’t work
I have told many that N95 masks are good for stopping the wearer from infecting people but it doesn’t stop the wearer from getting sick. So it was good to see this article to back me up and maybe convince more people.

Why soap is preferable to bleach in the fight against coronavirus
This is something else I have shared with people and some did not believe me.  So here is an article that will back me up and help educate you.

Windows Server 2019 Server Core
Michael talks about getting Win2K19 core working in his lab.  Interesting stuff actually as I have not played with Win2K19 yet. I should move it up in priority I guess.

Here’s What Apple Would Have Announced at Its Canceled March Event
In this article you can learn about what Apple would have released at the March event if they had one.  The new iPad is amazing.

Join VMware & the [email protected] project in the fight against Covid-19
Learn more about getting the [email protected] software working on your PC in this article. BTW, I got it working on my two Macs using this article - but still contributed to the VMware team!

A force for good: VMware Appliance for [email protected]
This article is about how VMware is providing an appliance that we can run in our labs to help support [email protected].  I already run their software on my two Macs which means they contribute to the VMware Team mostly at night.  But I can run a few of these appliances and help even more!

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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