Newsletter: February 29, 2020

Hello all,

I am on the road again.  Looking out of a hotel room, at either a garbage place or the red sky.  But I have some good music playing so that is good.  This afternoon, I will be at the airport and heading home.  That is pretty nice! I had a good week at HQ and worked with some nice people which is always good. Got a fair bit done, but picked up a lot more work so that is interesting.

I have written a few articles lately - one article on how to integrate Active Directory with NetApp HCI, and one article on using Powershell with NetApp HCI. NetApp HCI is pretty darn cool, and if you do not know much about it here is an article that might help, but talk to your NetApp SE and ask for a demo.  Or if you see me around or at events, ask me for a demo.

One other thing.  I heard a boss at NetApp say to minimize travel to avoid the nasty Covid-19.  That is not good advice.  Better advice is wash your hands a lot.  Even if you minimize travel but don’t wash your hands much you might have some trouble.  BTW, here is a web site that has the technical facts on the impact of Covid-19.  BTW, here is an article that I have heard from medical people that is impartial and accurate.

But lets get down to business - I do have things to share.

Have a great week,


Load Balancing and protecting Cloud Director with Avi Networks
An interesting article about what you can do with Avi and vCD.  And definitely cool stuff.

vRealize Automation Virtual Machine is missing after being moved or recovered
I have seen this issue before, and so it is good that there is an article that helps with the problem.  Good background info in it too.

vRealize Automation 8 Increasing Disk Space
This article talks about not being able to do the 8.0.1 upgrade due to lack of disk space, but also how to fix that issue.

A virtual machine by any other name would smell as sweet
We can ignore the title of this article but it is about naming the VMs produced by vRA.  This is something that is not always ideal so this article is helpful.

Rightsizing VMs with vRealize Operations
This article covers off some important activities.  Good stuff to know as I suspect most of us could find oversized VMs in our world!

vMotion failed due because duplicate IP
Interesting article with a problem and the solution.  I have not seen a vMotion fail before due to duplicate IP but if I do now I know what to do.

Alert on duplicate IP found
In this article you can see how to do a vCenter alarm on duplicate IP so that you can be proactive instead of reactive.

VMware Cloud Foundation in your homelab - shrinking the NSX-T footprint
In this article you can see how to reduce the very large NSX-T footprint in VCF so that you can make things work better in your homelab.

Microsoft Exchange 2019 Metacache Database Setup
I have not setup Exchange for a while so did not know about this change in 2019. But this article covers off nicely how to take advantage of it.

How to Enable the Mac Startup Chime on your 2016+ MacBook Pro
Just in case you really want the original 1984 startup chime for your MBP, you can do it via this article.

Infrastructure Admin to DevOps & Site Reliability Engineer
This article has a bunch of links to help you learn if you want to do the SRE or DevOps stuff.  Some very good links!

Database Performance Benchmark using HammerDB
A nice article to help you do some bench-marking if you are so inclined.

Is Your On-Premises Existence under scrutiny? VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Offers a solution
This article - with lots of links - is suggesting if you need to stop having an on-prem solution - which makes no sense - you can have a solution in the cloud that you are familiar with - VMware and Dell.  If you check out that solution make sure to check out the VMware on AWS one too, as it might be easier to work with and more flexible too.

The Intelligence coup of the century
This article is amazing. Crypto AG was so successful, I wonder how it came to be the world learned that the CIA and the BND were behind it.  It should have stayed secret for much longer.  But an interesting story for sure.

Apple to release first ARM Mac without Intel processor in next 18 months, predicts Kuo
Interesting idea actually but we will see.  See the story in this article.

Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam ONE what’s new docs
Several people I have talked with about the new Veeam stuff have missed the VBR What’s New and the ONE What’s New docs and they are full of good info!

How-To - Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 - Portability Part 1
Michael has a number of articles around this and it is good info - here is the first one.  You should backup the backup of Office 365. I used to work with Michael and he is pretty darn smart - and a nice guy too.

Want to search a half million git repos?
You can with this tool -

Top 20 Free Data Science, ML and AI MOOCs on the Internet
Learn more in this article. I had no idea there was so much good learning on the Internet.

Are All USB-C cable created equally?
This article goes into some detail of what makes USB-C cables different - even though to us they all look the same.  Power, and Display are supported in some but not others so it is good to learn.  My iPad, and my computers are USB-C and I am hopeful that maybe this year my iPhone will be USB-C.  Will be nice to carry less cables but it will be important to carry the right cables!

So you are thinking about taking an offer …. What do you need to know?
John has a very in-depth article on this subject. Very good info if you are thinking about taking a new job!  Well done John!

Thanks for reading, or skimming this far,


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