Newsletter: February 8, 2020

Hello all,

I spent the week in Vancouver which is a wonderful city.  However it rained the whole time and was cold.  I visited customers, and partners and really enjoyed the time.  It was great to talk with people about NetApp HCI.

I did get an article done that was very interesting to do. It was about doing disk wipes and the tool I used worked pretty good.

I am not home yet, and am doing this in an airport.  But I need to get home as I am hosting my dad’s birthday dinner at our place.  And as it is Friday afternoon my wife is not doing much - other than supervising me.  So need to get home on time so I can get things done.

I have a couple of articles under work and hopefully you will see them early this week.

Have a great week!


Update to VMware’s per-CPU Pricing Model
You can find out more about this change in this article.  I don’t think that this will impact too many in the short term, but I suspect it will in the longer term. It is odd though, with all the talk of the VMware Tax I hear, I would in fact reduce the cost of VMware, not increase it. Here is the KB article that will help you know if you are impacted or not. As well, here is a vRealize Ops dashboard that will do the same thing.

Five zero day vulnerabilities in Cisco Discovery Protocol
This is an interesting article.  And the footprint of this article is huge! There is going to be a lot of patches soon (I hope). I have heard from several network guys that say this is easy to mitigate.  Not sure more detail I am afraid.

Update to guidance on VMware vSphere & Microsoft AD LDAP
Bob lets us know in this article that Microsoft has decided to change what it was going to do to something that I think more useful for customers.

Managing Content Library Subscriptions
Another interesting article on using Content Libraries.  I quite like them and use them so hopefully this article helps someone to start using CL’s.

What’s new in vRealize Log Insight 8.0
In this article you can find the release notes, and a video on whats new in LI 8.0.

Deep Dive into VMware Cloud Foundation - Part 2 Nested Lab Deployment
This article series is quite interesting and useful in learning about nested environments, especially in VCF.

vSphere Upgrade Saga: vRealize Suite, et al.
Edward has his upgrade story to share in this article.  It went pretty good for him.

New Release - Datacenter CLI 3.0.0
This is something I have not worked with, but it is interesting.  A datacenter command line interface.  Kyle has an article about the latest version.

Adding multiple vGPUs to a virtual machine
Duncan has an interesting article of something that sounds reasonable, but yet didn’t work and how he fixed it.

Using PowerCLI to automate the retrieval of VCSA password polices
William shows you something quite cool in this article. It is also handy for those that do a lot of stuff via PowerCLI.

VMware HCX new release
Here is the release notes for a new release of HCX - R134. This is a powerful tool and I think more people should check it out.

Workspace ONE Assist Expands Support for Desktops with macOS View and Control
This sounds very good for companies, and their employees - very helpful.  Read the article to learn more.

Installing and Configuring the NVIDIA GRID License Server on CentOS 7.x
Sean has an excellent article to help get the GRID license server working. I have heard people complaining of doing this before so definitely this article is useful!

Enhancing Kubernetes Security with OPA
This article talks about improving K8’s security and is somewhat interesting.

vSphere Integrated Containers - PoC in my home lab
You can learn more about VIC in this article and it has good details. It is a somewhat complex install and config so the article is very helpful.

VCSP Important Note: v10 RTM is Out … With Cloud Tier Object Storage enhancements and more
Anthony talks about the new stuff VCSP‘s should be checking out now.

Veeam V10 another step along the way?
This article looks at the big picture of what Veeam is doing, but also has a link to some excellent v10 articles.

Building a Veeam Lab - a recommended architecture
Dean has a nice article about what a Veeam lab might be.

NetApp INSIGHT is going on tour!
You can learn a bit about INSIGHT and how it is going on tour in this article.

How to find and use the free screen recorder tool in Windows 10
I had no idea there was one.  Good thing this article helps find it.

Monitoring Active Directory with the PowerShell module PSADHealth
An interesting article that can help you do some nice monitoring of our AD using Powershell.

NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED Chrome MacOS home server
This error is not happening to me but I know numerous people have hit it.  Here is the story on it and how to deal with it.

Active IQ Unified Manager 9.7: Risk Management, Self-Healing, Smart Analytics and Much more
This article talks about a new version of this interesting tool.  The self-healing is pretty cool.

On Facebook, anti-vaxxers urged a mom not give her son Tamiful - he later died.
You can see the article about this but anti-vaxxers are evil and causing a lot of problems. But wait, why on earth would any take medical advice from Facebook people?

It’s Official: Open - Plan offices are now the dumbest management fad of all time
Find out more in this article.  And I sort of agree with it.

How to manage a home Network with Infrastructure as Code
An interesting article about using Terraform to manage your home network! It is really cool stuff.

Is SMS Two-Factor Authentication Secure?
Sort of not, but this article covers things nicely. My current and previous employer used the Microsoft Authenticator and I quite like it and I do see it as more secure.

N95 face masks - not quite what you think
If you are wearing a N95 mask to avoid getting sick with the the Coronavirus virus it will not work.  That virus spreads via moisture droplets and they can get under the mask pretty easy.  You need a mask that is fitted to stop this virus.  However, N95 masks are very useful if you are sick as it will stop you from infecting other people.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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2 thoughts on “Newsletter: February 8, 2020

  1. Hi Michael,

    The link for “Building a Veeam Lab – a recommended architecture” article is the same as”How to manage a home Network with Infrastructure as Code”.


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