Newsletter: February 1, 2020

Hello all

I hope everyone had a good week?  Mine was good.  I have been home for a month so I am quite happy to spend next week out with customers.

I want to specifically say hello to all of the VMware people let go the other day.  I know some of you and you are rock stars. I am sorry a company I own a piece of (a very small piece) has treated you as they have.  But I wish you the very best, and I know that you will do very well! If there is anything I can do to help please do not hesitate to reach out!

I did an article this week to help out William and his home lab stuff - which will help out us home labbers.

Have a great week!


Linux VM fails to respond after a mounted CD is disconnected
I was reminded about this KB article in Slack recently.  Someone had a PowerShell script that ran at night to disconnect all the ISO that had been left disconnected. That is a problem for Linux machines! This was part of a conversation about would a connected ISO break HA. I am not sure of the answer but maybe it is like vMotion where if the ISO is on shared storage that all hosts have access to vMotion is not broken and maybe HA isn’t either.

vSphere & Intel CPU Vulnerabilities: Cache Out & Vector Register Sampling
Bob has the scoop on these security issues and as always the full info and easy to understand.

Machine Learning workload and GPCPU NUMA node locality
Frank has an amazing article on this subject.  Lots of learning and certainly interesting too!

Installing the NVIDA software on an ESXi host and configuring for vGPU usage
This article from Duncan will show you how to install the NVIDA VIB on an ESXi host.  Which works for other kinds of VIB too! It does sound like Duncan is having fun!

vSAN Robo Project - Design & Config
This interesting article can help if you are thinking of vSAN projects.It has good info on use case, requirements and more.

Deployment of AVI Loadbalancer for Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS
Interesting article with lots of info on how to make this all happen.

VMware User Environment Manager Deployed in 60 Minutes or Less
It seems for a powerful tool like UEM a 60 minute install is pretty fast. But here is the info.

Automating VMware Horizon 7 with VMware PowerCLI
This article will get you started with PowerCLI and Horizon.

Migration from VMware NSX for vSphere to NSX-T
This article will help you with the migration from NSX to NSX-T which I guess many people are starting to look at. BTW, here is a demo of a migration tool that can help.

Installing NSX-T 2.4 (Part 1) - NSX Manager
It is good to see this article as I think it will be helpful for many who are converting or installing new.

VMware OS Optimization Tool update
This most useful tool was updated a few days ago. I quite like this tool, and the fact they keep updating it makes me like it more! Here is a nice doc to help you use this useful tool.

Network and Security Updates in VMware Cloud on AWS version 1.9
In this article you can learn about the security and network updates in the recent update on VMC. Some nice changes.

Workload Migration to VMware Cloud Foundation using VMware HCX - Part 1
I don’t have an environment where I can play with HCX but I have heard very good things about it.  So it is very nice to see someone starting a series on it.  Here is part 1.

Decoding Intel NUC “Canyon” Generation with CPU “Lake” Generation Codenames
William has a useful article that will help you understand the differences between the different code names.

AWS is a Land of Surprises
Alastair has an interesting article on AWS.  Some very interesting points he shares - no VM console access for one.

Windows Sandbox
This article is quite interesting and very handy too.  I think a Sandbox is very useful - particularly for testing malware!

Google is backtracking on its controversial desktop search results redesign
I have not see the changes but here is an article that talks about them and about the backtracking too.

V10: New alarms, redediation & enhanced diagnostics
In this article Kirsten talks about new features and functionality in Veeam ONE.  And did you see on Thursday that Anton tweeted out that v10 was RTM?

V10: Bring on the Linux love!
Andrew has an article on the linux change in v10 which sounds very good and exactly what some of the Veeam service partners need.

Veeam Availability Console v3 Patch 4
This update has fixes in it, but also, v10 support.  So good idea to update soon as v10 will be out soon.

Veeam Backup for Office 365 - Upgrade to v4
This article will help you with the upgrade which is nice. The upgrade has some nice new stuff - like Object Storage!

Oracle just released a whopping 334 security fixes in critical patch update
I would say for sure that is a critical patch update if there is 334 security fixes in it.  See more here.

Manually Loading Container Images with containerD
I thought this article by Scott was pretty interesting and it is possible it might help someone out so I am sharing it out.

Kubernetes HA on vSphere
This interesting article will help you get HA working in Kubernetes running on vSphere and that is pretty good.

Ubiquiti didn’t listen, they still send back info to mothership automatically
This is detailed in this article.  Not good. And performance and crash data has in it often info about you. Plus are we sure that is all that is being sent to the mothership?

Go read these reports showing how an antivirus company tracked everything its users clicked online
This is not good corporate behavior. It amazes me - Avast / AVG software tracked where users when on the Internet, then sold that info. I don’t use them currently, and now never will.

Every smart device you love will die — starting with Sonos
I think there is some truth to this, but it will take quite some time.  I am a big fan of Sonos, and while I use a HomePod in my office, the rest of my house is covered with Sonos.  I am glad Sonos retracted their ideas of retiring speakers.

YubiKey 5 NFC Security Key Setup and Configuration
In this article you can learn about the setup and use of the YubiKey.  I know a number of smart people that use them.

vExpert perk - Remote Desktop Manager
I heard about this vExpert perk and it turns out I really like it.  They have a macOS version and it works for RDP, SSH, and even macOS. Find out more here. I cannot find any longer the link to apply but do a LIve Chat with them to find it.

Best external hard drives to store all your data
I love looking at lists like this one. In this case, I agree with their number 2 - Western Digital My Passport Portable as I have one and it does well.  But their number 3 is the best - LaCie 2 TB Rugged Mini USB 3.0 Portable.  I have a few of those and they are really good. And they are rugged too so dropping them is no issue.  Nor throwing them.

Grafana v6.6 Released
I am not a user of Grafana as I am a Log Insight guy, but I know lots who do so here is the info on the latest release.

Fixing Outlook UI after last weeks update
I guess last week there was an update for Microsoft Outlook on Windows that did not turn out well.  Anton can help you undo it in this article. So happy it did not break on macOS.

NetApp HCI Return to Factory Image (RTFI)
This article will help you - or remind you - on how to do an RTFI on NetApp HCI gear.  This is quite handy when you want to return it to the state it arrived in.

How to backup your iCloud Photo Library
I was happy to see this article.  I don’t think enough people are thinking about backing up their pictures in the iCloud Photo Library.  In my family we have extraordinary pictures in that cloud that we have gotten while exploring the world.  Pictures that would be nearly impossible to replicate so backups are key!

Apple Releases iOS 13.3.1, iPadOS 13.3.1, macOS 10.15.3, watchOS 6.1.2, and tvOS 13.3.1
You can find more about these release in this article. I have updated my Mac, HomePod, iPad, Watch, and two TV’s with no issues. How to article: Apple TV, HomePod, Watch, and macOS.

Howard Oakley’s Deep Dive into Time Machine
If you have macOS, I hope you are using Time Machine for backups as it works pretty good and in the background. If you are, and want to learn more this article will help.

How to Live Without Google: Alternatives that protect your privacy
I saw this article recently and I thought it interesting and I bet there are some of you that can use the info in it. Some good info!

Health-Records Company Pushed Opioids to Doctors in Secret Deal with Drugmaker
Thanks to Sean I saw this article. Holy crap.  This is so unbelievable but yet it happened.  I hope people go to jail.  No wonder the opioid crisis is so big.

Germany rejected Nuclear Power - and deadly emissions spiked
This is an interesting article.  And a good warning too. I think Nuclear power is important to our future.  That is not to say we don’t need to improve how it works, but it is important.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far!


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