Newsletter: January 25, 2020


I hope everyone had a good week, mine was pretty good.  And the severe cold broke and things are much more comfortable now. It was another week in the lab so that is good. Another week in the lab and I head out to Vancouver to visit customers.  I am still trying to get help to find customers in Calgary to visit.

I had another guest author article done this past week. It was pretty interesting actually and I quite enjoyed reading it.

BTW, I finally got my lab upgraded to View 7.11, and I really like the HTML5 Admin screen.  Good start!

William Lam has a project to help out home labbers understand options.  He has a site where you can fill in your bill of materials. It is a good idea and once I figure out what things cost in my lab, and then figure out what that is in USD I will add my info to it.

But I have a range of interesting stuff to share so lets get started.  As alway, I hope that there is something for everyone!

Have a great week,


vSphere Signing Certificate Expiry - What you need to know
This article has some good info and explains more about certificates and the expiry issue. It also helps with upgrade info due to the expiry issue.

What’s New for Content Library Management
Kyle talks about some new stuff in PowerShell in this article around Content Library Management which is pretty handy.

ESXi on 10th Gen Intel NUC (Frost Canyon)
You can learn more about making ESXi work on the latest gen NUC in this article.

Cross vCenter Workload Migration Fling v3.1
William talks about the updated Cross vCenter fling that has some nice new features. Handy tool.

VMware Announces intent to Acquire Nyansa to Extend VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud Visibility, Analytics, and Troubleshooting into the LAN
This article talks about the new purchase that VMWare is working on.  The company they are buying is pretty good with machine learning type stuff.  I think that this is a pretty good purchase.

Introducing the new DRS Logic and UI including VM DRS scores
Update - the link doesn’t work any longer.  It is not mistake but VMware pulled the article.  Not sure why.  In this article we learn about some pretty significant DRS changes.  And very good changes in fact.  It is only in VMC right now, but hopefully in the future will hit the rest of us too.

VMware Tools 11.0.5 Release notes
A new version of VMware Tools (release notes) but remember to only use tools from outside ESXi if there is a darn good reason.  If you use Tools from outside of ESXi you will start needing to check HCL before you install things - such as Horizon View for example.

Delete a vSAN datastore after a failed VCSA bootstrap Installation
This article will show an problem and a solution that is definitely possible that others might run into.

vCloud Director Release History
This article is where Anthony tracks the history of vCD.  I am a big fan of vCD as I was able to do a lot of things with vCD when I was at VMware.  For example, I built individual virtual pods for people in the onsite beta’s that VMware did.  We found more bugs in onsite beta than in the public beta.  Was very useful!

vCenter Event Broker Appliance v0.2.0 now GA
You can learn more about the new release in this article and you can find the bits here. This is a very cool product and it is in my list to get into my lab. BTW, if you need help getting the VEBA working, you can find all you need in this article series.

VMware User Environment Manager Deployed in 60 minutes or less
In this article you an get a really good start on getting the UEM installed and running. It is a useful tool and I think it would be interesting to get it going for customers.

Deploying UAG with PowerShell
I still deploy the Horizon View UAG using the UI as I have only done it twice, but next time I should use PowerShell as it is quick and easier I am told.  Here is some help when I need to do that, or if you need it.

VMware vRealize LIfecycle Manager 8.0.1 patch 1 now GA
You can find the details in the release notes. You likely saw the popup of this in the vRLCM UI and I wish it was connected to the download or execution of the patch.

Welcome Project Nautilus! Running Containers Natively with VMware Fusion on MacOS
VMware Fusion has some interesting new functionality now - running containers - and you can learn about it in this article. BTW, here is the tech preview info on VMware Workstation.

VMware: How to achieve a perfect metric collection interval with Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana
Another interesting article by Jorge about his monitoring solution.  Cool stuff!

My Insanely Complex Personal Firewall - And Why It Actually Makes Sense
This article talks about a complex home network security model.  I can see more of us needing something like this in the future due to the poor security in Internet Of Things, and some of the abuse that is possible!

Veeam Goodies
So this list of things handy for Veeam users has been updated.  Find the full list of very handy stuff in this link.

Windows 7 to Windows 10 Upgrade
This article will help you with the upgrade, particularly if you have an issue with the controller.

Hackers are closing the Shitrix security hole to keep everyone out of Citrix servers apart from themselves
This article is quite interesting and another example of how you have to keep everything secure, and defense in depth is important.

Carriers ignore studies that show they suck at preventing SIM-swap attacks
This article talks about how our carriers are not helping to protect us in SIM-swap attacks.  Not good. If you are changing to a new carrier you should ask them about this topic.

Linux Notes: Extending a file system in a virtual disk
Edward has an article about extending a disk and filesystem in a Linux machine.  It is easy to do in Windows but it is not so easy, in fact more arcane in Linux so it is very good has an article to help.

How I rip DVDs and Blu-rays
This article is a big help if you want to rip DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Very useful info!

Supermicro Xeon D SuperServer BIOS 2.1 / IPMI 3.86 released
Paul talks about the new BIOS and IPMI released recently.  I have not upgraded yet but it is good info - thanks for sharing Paul.  I did not know there was an update.

Perl is dying quick.  Could be extinct by 2023
Interesting article talks about the different apps and what is going on in terms of popularity. When I chatted with dev guys on this subject at VMware they always suggested I learn Python.

WhiteCanyon VP Nathan Jones walks me through a live demo of WipeDrive
Paul talks in this article about an interesting tool to wipe disks. It sounds like a good tool. And it is worth wiping disks when you get rid of them!  I like how they have an amazing list of organizations that are using it.

Can Pure make cloud storage better?
Cody has an amazing article that is very worth reading.  He really is a very smart guy, and great to talk with.  I can tell he put lots of thought and energy into this article.

Here is why I copied the StorageReview Performance Benchmark for MySQL on Datrium … but there was a Gotcha!
Andre has an interesting article about doing performance benchmarking which is something I am lucky I have not had to do! I really like the Datrium gear.

Cloud infrastructure trends: Usage continues to rise - with AWS - VMware workloads soaring in parallel
This article has some research on cloud usage that is interesting.  I am not surprised they found so much VMware. With VMC providing an environment that is familiar to VMware users it only makes sense they use it.

What is a GaN Charger, and Why will you want one?
This article talks about a new charger type that is smaller and more efficient than current options. Some good info to help understand is in the article too and it all sounds pretty good.

A Learning Secret: Don’t Take Notes with a Laptop
Interesting article that says longhand is remembered better than using a computer.  I often take notes with an iPad but I always read them once or twice and that seems to work good.

Best photo editing apps with extensions for Photos on Mac in 2020
This article shows off a number of extensions that will help you do editing in Photos on the Mac.  Some very useful tools. I love how they expand what you can do in Photos.  Makes it easier for me.

Apple and the FBI, from San Bernardino to Pensacola
This article gives you the facts and knowledge in this area so that you have correct info.

This is Important - 5G Security
This article talks about some things we really need to worry about in the 5G world.  The author is someone I have listened too for a great number of years and respect enormously.  He is very smart and knowledgeable.

Thanks for reading or skimming this far,


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