Newsletter: January 4, 2020

Hello all,

Welcome to my first newsletter of 2020!  I hope that everyone had a great Holiday Season and are excited about the coming year - I think it is going to be an interesting one. The past week was a bit different for me, I had a short tough bout of the flu, and every night when things started to settle and I could relax and watch TV (The Witcher) with my wife, the doorbell would ring and more family would show up. So things are busy.  Lucky everyone is nice and good to chat with.

I have lots to share, and so should get started.  I will be doing this newsletter - starting in Coburg, Ontario, and not sure where I will finish! BTW, this is a planes, trains, buses and cars kind of trip so a little bit of fun.

Have a wonderful week,


VMware VM Clone via HTML5 Client Results in Incorrectly Configured VMDK
This article has a very interesting problem but also workarounds which is nice.  Very good to know if you do all your stuff via the HTML5 client like I do.

VMware loves VMworld
Bob has another interesting article - this time about VMworld.  I actually remember the wedding people walking around and the dinosaur.  Was surprising but both made me smile.

Eventful Year for vSphere: Top Blog Posts of 2019
Bob shares in this article the top articles of the year and several of them are worth re-reading!

VMware vSphere Reliable Memory - a few thoughts
This article by John is exactly why I like him so much, and love chatting with him.  You will learn a lot about about reliable memory in this article!

Blast from the past: Where We’ve come from
Bob has another article, this time on the past of VMware. I remember the past as I started at VMware when there was 1400 people roughly.  Was interesting days. I still remember the first time I met the boss - Diane Green - when I bumped into her and spilled her coffee!

How to deal with Autodesk DWGTrue and / or AutoCAD in a VDI environment with App Volumes
Making this software work with App Volumes is tricky.  So this article will help by showing you some of the issues and the workarounds.

Securing VMware Horizon UAGs with Let’s Encrypt SSL Certs
A nice article to help you with certs and UAGs - which is a good idea in fact. I mean both using UAG’s but also replacing certs. Articles from this guy are always good!

VMware Horizon UAG 3.8 Deep dive
You can learn more about he UAG v3.8 in this video.

Q4 updates: What’s New with VMware End User Computing for Healthcare
You can learn about the recent EUC releases as they pertain to healthcare in this article. I think some of the improvements for Healthcare is for everyone, and there are links to more info too in the article.

Droplet Computing & VMware Horizon Integration Guide
Droplet will allow you to containerize old apps so they run in Windows 10 View desktops when without the container they would not.  There is also central management of the containers.  See more on this in this guide.

VMware Service-Defined Firewall
This TWP, or WP, is behind a gate, but it could help you reduce your attack surface and that is darn good.  It is a shame about the gate mind you!

VMware AppDefense 2.3: Vulnerability Scanning and more
Someone was curious about AppDefense and thought it typical anti - malware software.  Which it is most certainly not.  It protects the known good, instead of using signatures to watch for bad actors. This is more efficient, and much better I think.  In any-case, this is why I share out this slightly old article that explains things.

vROps 7.5 - Part 6 - Adding new symptoms and alert definitions
This article is quite useful for setting up new alerts in vROps 7.x.  I am not sure at this time if it will work the same in vROps 8 but I think it does.

vROps 8.01 now GA
You can find all about this new drop of vROps in the release notes. There is some important fixes in this release. You can find the bits here. Make sure you read the Install and Upgrade info in the release notes.

Quick Tip: How to identify the NSX-T Mgmt Cluster VIP node
This article provides the quick tip on identify which node is the management cluster VIP node.

Announcing vSphere Days 2020
This article will share with you info on VMware VMUG events in this new year.  I suspect they will be pretty darn good.

Creating a Wavefront Proxy in AWS
This is the first article in a six article series about monitoring PI-Hole data in Wavefront.  Cool stuff for sure!

ESXi on 10th Gen Intel NUC (Frost Canyon)
William has an article that warns you of an issue with ESXi on the 10th Gen NUC so if you have one of those be sure to read Williams article.

vSpeaking Podcast ep 139: the best of 2019
I really like the vSpeaking podcast, but most of all I really like the two hosts.  Great guys to chat with. See more about this specific episode in this article.

Large Scale Image Pipeline - Part 1 - Content Library setup
This interesting article is the start of series.  And in a very large environment too.  Great stuff.

Does Testing Kubernetes Conformance Leave you in the dark?
This short article talks about how that is not necessary now, and how things will change in the future.  It also has a link to more knowledge on the subject too.

A visual guide on troubleshooting Kubernetes deployments
Interesting article as I really like the visual guide.  I see it as quite useful.

On-prem K8s clusters Rancher, Terraform, and Ubuntu
An interesting article that can help you a lot it seems in this space.  I found it quite interesting reading.

vtopology - Insights into vSphere infrastructure from kubectl
Cormac has invented a very cool and I think useful, command for when you are working with K8’s running on VMware. Find out all the details in this article. It sounds very cool.

The VMware Labs Flings Monthly for December 2019
We see what was released, and updated in December for the flings in this article.  Always good to know and I see several interesting new ones!

Group Policy backup with a PowerShell script
I have heard several people not liking how the built in backup of GPO works, and so you might like this article as I think it does it a lot better.

What is NVME and how does it affect my network?
An interesting article that does good education and answers the question. If you are going to drop a bunch of NVME in your data center you need to be ready for it’s impact!

6 ways networking is transforming in the cloud era
This article is talking about how networking is changing in industry and I think some good points.

Space Photos of the Decade: Bright Objects and a blurry black hole
Some amazing space pictures in this article.  I sure understand now how the Crab Nebula got its name!

After an amazing decade in space, these are humanity’s top achievements
An interesting article about some interesting stuff. Nice to be reminded of what has happened.

Best tips and tricks for using your new iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch
This article has some links to useful articles if you need help with new features in a new device - like night mode on a iPhone 11 or using a mouse with an iPad.

How to customize your AirPods and change things like name
This article is likely design for AirPod’s first or second version.  But for AirPod Pros it is not so good.  But it still helps but you will see a different menu - which has what you need but is simpler. However I do not see a way to change what the double-press functionality on AirPod Pros so maybe you need to use your iPhone for that. Yes, I just confirmed that is correct - all the things mentioned in the article work on the Mac save for changing double-press functionality and for it you need to use your iPhone - with same instructions.

Selling your phone or computer? Remember to wipe all your data
This article has all the info you need to properly wipe your devices. This is very important to remember to do in this day and age.

The 40 best Movies of 2019
In case you are curious what you may have missed in good movies last year check out this article.

Apple Device Management book now available for purchase from Apple Books
This article talks of a book that sounds pretty good about doing smart Apple Device Management.

Global Incident Response Threat Report (Carbon Black Nov 2019)
This is important reading as it lets you know what has been going on and how to better plan your defenses and that is very important. I think cyber warfare will be accelerated this coming year.

A Giant Star is Dimming, which could be a sign it is about to explode
In this article you can learn about a star that is dimming more than normal and how sometimes that means before Supernova. But this is real life, and not a movie so it will likely not happen too soon!  Which is good for sure.

Thanks for reading, or skimming this far,


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